Friday, August 16, 2013

Photograph of the Caribou, Maine, High School Glee Club of 1923-1924, identified

Photograph of the 1923-1924 Glee Club of Caribou High School, Caribou, Maine.

The women are identified on the reverse, in a handwriting difficult to interpret.  

Front Row, Left to Right: Leola Peterson, Marion Keyes, Eula Stetson, Ethel Sarah, Grace Anderson, Margaret Harmon, Hazel Merithew
Second Row, Left to Right: Lois Hight, Fern Johnston, Leophile Bouchard; Evelyn Bell, Audrey Johnston, Mary Vose, Hazel Hedman, Rena Mills
Third Row, Left to Right: Helen E____, Helen Gould, Pauline Dudley, Celia Frisbie, _____________, Margaret Hale, Dorothy Pratt, Pauline Smith
Back Row, Left to Right: Louise, Pendell, Laura Andrews, Beatrice L____, M____ Noyes [possibly Susie Minelva Noyes], Ada Doyle, Josephine Lyons, Margaret Mooers, Lucy Stitham

If you have corrections to the women's names and/or have information to share on any of them, please leave a comment for the benefit of other seekers.

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