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Photograph of the Caribou, Maine, High School Glee Club of 1923-1924, identified

Photograph of the 1923-1924 Glee Club of Caribou High School, Caribou, Maine.

The women are identified on the reverse.   Some of the handwriting is hard to read if one is not already familiar with the name or context.  

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Front Row, Left to Right: Leola Peterson, Marion Keyes, Eula Stetson, Ethel Sarah, Grace Anderson, Margaret Harmon, Hazel Merithew
Second Row, Left to Right: Lois Hight, Fern Johnston, Leophile Bouchard; Evelyn Bell, Audrey Johnston, Mary Vose, Hazel Hedman, Rena Mills
Third Row, Left to Right: Helen E____, Helen Gould, Pauline Dudley, Celia Frisbie, _____________, Margaret Hale, Dorothy Pratt, Pauline Smith
Back Row, Left to Right: Louise, Pendell, Laura Andrews, Beatrice L____, M____ Noyes [possibly Susie Minelva Noyes], Ada Doyle, Josephine Lyons, Margaret Mooers, Lucy Stitham

Caribou, Maine

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