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Family Bible of Daniel and Hannah (Clayton) Tallman of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Family Bible purchased in 1816 by Daniel Tallman and wife Hannah (Clayton) Tallman of Pennsylvania.

Daniel wrote his name as Daniel Tallman, Jr., but much of the unsourced information I found online gave his father as Jeremiah Tallman.  It's possible that Jeremiah was Daniel Jr.'s grandfather.

The Bible is approximately 11" x 9" x 4"; one of its covers has detached but is present.  It was printed in 1813 for Johnson and Warner, 147 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In addition to three completed Family Record pages [out of four total], the Bible contains a sheet, approximately 17" x 8",  published by the Muncy Luminary showing returns from the 1872 elections in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, a pressed flower and a newspaper clipping.

There's handwriting on the reverse of the election returns that gives the death date of M. Tallman on October 12, 1872 [Matthew Tallman, whose death date is shown on the Deaths page below], shown farther below.  The side of the sheet with the returns is discussed in another future post.

The newspaper clipping notes:
  •  the marriage of Mr. E. R. Noble of Muncy, Pennsylvania, and Miss Mary Hepburn Hayes, youngest daughter of Dr. William Hayes of Palisades, Hudson River.
  • the death in White Pigeon, Michigan, on September 29, 1868, after a protracted illness, of Miss Adaline Gortner, age26 years, four months and 28 days.

The Marriages page is unmarked.

The Births page:

  • Daniel Tallman was born February the 24th in the year 1792
  • Hannah Tallman was born April 14 in the year 1793
  • Jeremiah Tallman was born November the [20 ?] in the year 1816
  • Hannah Ann Tallman was born October the 19 in the year 1818
  • Matthew Tallman was born September the 16 in the year 1820
  • Jacob Tallman was born August 17 in the year 1822
  • Joseph Tallman was born March 22 [?] 1825
  • William Tallman [twin] was born March 27 in the year 1827
  • Salena Tallman [twin]  was born March 27 in the year 1827
  • Amos Tallman was born May 12 in the year 1830
  • Amanda Tallman was born September 14 in the year 1834
  • William Tallman was born [no date given, but may be a duplicate of the entry for the William born in 1827]
  • Amos Tallman was born May 12 in the year 1830 [duplicate entry of one above it]
"History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania", edited by John Franklin Meginness in 1892, mentions another daughter, Eliza, between Salena [shown in the history as Salana] and Amos.

The Deaths portion of the Births and Deaths page:

  • Joseph Tallman departed this life March 15th 1826
  • Jacob C. Tallman departed this life April [24th, 21st, 27th ?] 1836
  • Hannah Ann Konkle [?] departed this life December 29th 1854 at 5 o.c. in the morning
  • Daniel Tallman departed this life December 29th 1864 Aged 72 years 10 months and [?] days
  • Matthew Tallman departed this life October 12th 1872 Aged 52 years and 26 days
Another Deaths page:

  • Hannah Tallman departed this life March 20th A.D. 1887 Aged ninety three years eleven months and six days 
From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Daniel Tallman was born February 24, 1792 in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.  Most unsourced online references have Daniel as the son of Jeremiah and Susan (possibly Mansfield) Tallman.  However, his parents may have been Jeremiah's son Daniel and wife Deborah, which would explain what looks like "Daniel Tallman Jr." in the second image shown.

Jeremiah had come to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania from New Jersey.  If there isn't enough confusion already, there was another Jeremiah Tallman in Lycoming County, very near in age.

Though the Marriages page is blank, but I believe Daniel and Hannah (Clayton) Tallman were married about 1815.   Hannah was born April 14, 1793 in Jerseytown, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Miller) Clayton.

Daniel Tallman died at Muncy, Pennsylvania, on December 29, 1864.  Hannah (Clayton) Tallman died at Dale, Pennsylvania, on March 20, 1887.  They're buried in the Muncy Cemetery at Muncy, Pennsylvania.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. This was special for me. Hello, Larry Russell Smith is my name. I am a ggg great grandson of Hannah and Daniel. My father is Morris Clayton Smith. My grandmother is Lucretia Garfield Tallman, [DAR via Godfried Feister] d/o Martha Ursala Hill and William Irvin T., s/o Pheobe Wilson Opp and Jeremiah T., s/o Hannah and Daniel. By my reckoning Jeremiah was the name of Daniel's son, father and grandfather.

    Hannah died in Penn's Dale, a lovely little village near the Lycoming Mall where the Quaker Meeting is located.
    Somewhere I read that Jacob traded his mill property in Hughesville for land around the meeting where they retired and looked after the place. And somewhere I have an obit from the Luminary that gushes about Hannah being midwife to the Muncy Valley and constant friend to all.
    The Clayton's where Quakers from Sussex, England. They departed for Philadelphia but the ship mistakenly entered Chesapeake Bay and several generations were spent in Kent Co. Md and Chester Co. Pa before they moved to Jerseytown and Hughesville.

    As per the Tallmans allow me to weave in a personal anecdote. The other day over a bottle of wine with my son, discussing an upcoming family wedding, I recounted the 2 minute version of one of our gene trails...Whereby a merchant named Peter Tallman in the 1680's emigrated to Barbados for a couple of years and a couple slaves. From there he relocated to Providence Plantation and picked up a few more slaves. The family prospered there for several generations, a son and grandson were doctors. Then some of his get drifted to NJ, picked up a few more slaves, and then a branch lit out for Lycoming and perhaps they were fed up with that slavery crap because one of them married a Quaker [well, so did I]. The telling of that tale prompted me to try and verify my Aunt's telling me that Jacob and Hannah's Quaker bonnet and round hat were in the Muncy Historical Society catalog. Yes, I did verify that, but what blew my mind was your post that popped up: there they were Daniel and Hannah, the consummation of my tale which ended where this began. I thank you for that random bit of serendipity.

    I have additional names and dates for both families if you are interested. Small curiosity, do you know that they purchased the bible, or could it have been a gift to the expectant newlyweds?

    1. So glad you happened upon this blog post! I don't have more information on the Tallman family or how the Bible came to be purchased. It was listed on eBay a while ago, and I purchased it just to make sure it was preserved. Interesting, as I have Quaker ancestors, too - from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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