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Family Bible of Thomas U. Gage and wife Dolly (French) Gage of Nashua, New Hampshire, + clippings

Family Bible of Thomas U. Gage and wife Dolly A. (French) Gage of New Hampshire.

Text on the first end paper: Mrs. T. U. Gage, Nashua, 1856

There's another end paper with the text: This is our old family Bible my Mother & Father, Edw. A. G.

The Bible is leatherbound and approximately 7-1/2" x 5" and 2-1/4" thick.  

It doesn't have Family Record pages but someone has pasted in a page with information about Thomas, Dolly and their children.

Thomas U. Page, 30 September 1819
Dolly A. French, 26 January 1826 [though the last digit is overstruck so I can't be positive]
Married 12 June, 1845

Children Born
Eugene F., 15 December 1850
Edward A., 2 January 1854
Clara Etta, 8 February 1860

Eugene F., 19 October 1876
Edward A., 26 January 1881
Clara Etta, 29 October 1884

Thomas U., 20 January 1867 [possibly 26 January 1867]
Eugene F., 20 March 1885 [possibly 26 March 1885]
Dolly A. Gage, wife of Thomas, 8 February 1896

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Thomas Underwood Gage was born 30 September 1819 at Bedford, Massachusetts, son of Isaac and Sally (Underwood) Gage.  Dolly Adaline French was born 26 January 1826 at Rochester, New Hampshire, daughter of Ebenezer and Rhoda (Coburn) French.

Eugene's full name was Eugene French Gage.  He married Ada Walker.  He died on 20 March 1885 at Nashua, New Hampshire.  According to his obituary below, he and Ada had no children.

Edward's full name was Edward Augustus Gage.  He married Addie Laura Webster, had three children with her, and died 9 March 1939 at Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Clara Etta Gage married Fred S. Neff on 29 October 1884 at Nashua, New Hampshire.  They had at least one child, a daughter Dolly, born in New Hampshire about 1887.  I don't have Clara's death date.  I know from Census records that the family had moved to Rhode Island at some point, but I don't know if they moved on from there or not.

The Bible contains the following clippings, which include the obituary of Dr. Eugene French Gage, as noted above; the obituary of Mrs. Sophronia Robie French, who was married to Phineas C. French, older brother of Dolly Adaline (French) Gage; and the obituary of Dolly's oldest brother Ebnenezer C. French.

Clipping #1, obituary of Dr. Eugene French Gage

Clipping #2, obituary of Sophronia Robie French

 Clipping #3, obituary of Ebenezer C. French

 Clipping #4, side A

 Clipping #4, side B

 Clipping #5

 Clipping #6, side A

 Clipping #6, side B

Clipping #7, side A

Clipping #7, side B

Clipping #8

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Nashua, New Hampshire

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