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Family Bible of Daniel and Mary Davis of Wales to Daughter Margaret who, with Husband James Wilks, moved to Pennsylvania

Family Bible with information on the Davis and Wilks/Wilkes families.  

There are no place names in the Bible but Census records indicate the Davis and Wilks families originated in Wales.   The Wilks family later emigrated to Pennsylvania.

The Bible is approximately 11" x 7-1/2" by 3" thick.  Four of the Family Record pages have entries.  

The Bible was published by the American Tract Society of New York in 1861.  Apparently Margaret Davis, daughter of Daniel and Mary Davis, who married James Wilks, filled in some of the information after the fact, perhaps upon settling at Pennsylvania.

The first Family Record page details the birth dates of Margaret's parents Daniel and Mary Davis and those of her own, her husband James and their children, which extend to the next page.

On the page above:

Daniel Davis born December 26th, the year 1797
He departed this life November 19th in the year 1876

Mary Davis born December 26th in the year of our Lord 1807

Margret Davis born March 15th in the year 1839
James Wilks born December 8th in the year 1833
Elizabeth Wilks born December 11th in the year 1856
Mary Wilks born November 26th in the year [1863, crossed out] 1861
William Wilks born May 12th in the year 1859
Annie Wilks born 1867 [1867 in pencil as if added at a later time]

Daniel Wilks born May 20th in the year 1864.  died of typhoid fever
Samuel Wilks born January 10th in the year 1870
William Wilks born October 2nd in the year 1873
Isabella Wilks born August 3rd in the year 1877
Benjamin Wilks born April 3rd in the year 1879
James Wilks born in the year of our Lord 1881 December 6th
John Wilkes [At this point, the name changes to Wilkes], son of James and Mary Wilkes was born August 17th on Thursday at 8 o'clock in the year 1883
James and Margaret Wilkes married Dec. 23rd 1855

William Wilkes died January 10th 1860 at 12 o'clock at night.
Samuel Wilks died December 5th 1867
Annie Wilks died

James B. Wilkes died October 8th 1907, Friday morning 9:25.  Funeral Friday October 11th 1907.

The Find-a-Grave listing for James B. Wilkes shows that he was born in 1833 and died in 1907, so the James B. Wilkes mentioned above was the husband of Margret, not their son.

I found James and Margaret Wilks and their children in the 1880 Census of Sharon, Pennsylvania.  James gave his occupation as grocer.  James and Margret indicated that they were natives of Wales.

See a 1901 certificate from the Wilkes Rolling Mill Company signed by James B. Wilkes here.  The information at this site mentions that James was born at Monmouthshire, England [Wales] in 1833 and came to the United States in 1861.  It appears that James and Margret (Davis) Wilks/Wilkes were born in Wales and married before coming to the United States.  Some of their children were born in Wales.

If you have additions and/or corrections to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Sharon, Pennsylvania

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