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1910-1912 Banquet Programs, of Kappa Xi Alpha, Theta Chi, one with Photos, two with Autographs, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts

Three banquet programs of the Kappa Xi Alpha, Theta Chi, of Worcester Polytechnic Institute at Worcester, Massachusetts.  One is a 1910 program with photographs and autographs.  The others are for 1911 and 1912; the 1912 program has autographs.

Above, the cover of the program of the Eighth Annual Banquet of Kappa Xi Alpha Fraternity, held at Hotel Warren, at Worcester, Massachusetts, on Saturday, May twenty-eight, 1910.  Below, a closeup:

I found the programs at an antique shop in Maine, along with some other papers, including a 1912 catalog of the Kappa Xi Alpha Fraternity at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which is the subject of another post.

The 1912 catalog has the photograph of Baseball Captain Nims.  There are two autographs with the surname Nims in the banquet programs.  One is S. E. Nims, whose printed name appears in the program, and the other could be S. A. Nims, assuming I've interpreted the handwriting correctly.  If so, S. A. Nims was likely Stewart Arthur Nims, born at Keene, New Hampshire, in 1887, and a 1911 WPI graduate.  

Most of the men in the program were listed by surname only. Where the more descriptive name S. E. Nims was used in the program, it seems to imply there was at least one other member named Nims.  

A photograph of the fraternity brothers:

The Menu and Program:

Names mentioned on the page above:

Toastmaster, Bro. Allen
Our Future Hopes, Bro. Baldwin
The Active Chapter, Bro. Lyons
The Undergraduate, Bro. Whitney
Athletics, Bro. S. E. Nims
Echoes from Wamba, Bro. Spicer

Here's a history of Theta Chi/Kappa Chi Alpha fraternities at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and it includes a photograph of the original fraternity house, the same house as above, with the address 9 John Street.  In 1914 the fraternity moved to 11 Dean Street.  I couldn't find 9 John Street on Google Street View, so the home may no longer exist.  

Autographs above: [Please correct any transcription errors on my part and add full names, if possible - thanks!]

W. S. Shuman
Edward W. Kimball
S. E. Nims  
K. R. Allen
Vaughn D. Guffrie
G. I. Gilchrest
H. V. Seckie
A. M. S. Sabrit
G. A. Hickerson
S. W. Barlow
W. Harker Acton
H. I. Green
Harold L. Nickerson
D. A. Hamilton
S. A. Nims [though my first impression was S. A. Miner]
L. ? Wheeler
W. E. Spicer
N. E. Arthur
G. W. Roys
Alden W. Baldwin

And, at the top of the reverse:
C. B. Raymond

The 1911 program is one sheet of cardboard stock folded in thirds.  Unfolded, it's about 13" x 7-1/4".

Names on the Toasts page
Brother Whitney
Brother Leckie
Brother Gilchrist
Brother Wheeler
Brother Bullard
Brother Brown

The 1912 program is one sheet of cardboard stock folded in thirds.  Unfolded, it's about 10" x 6".  

Printed names include: 
Bro. Brown, Toastmaster
Bro. Gilchrest
Bro. Smith
Bro. Sherman
Bro. Edgerton
Bro. Lancey
Bro. Stripp

H. L. Nickerson
H. G. Green
"Jug" Band
Bill Barlow
? Sproat
? Wheeler
A. S. Martin
P. C. Foster
D. F. Whitney '15
D. W. Proutt '14
H. B. Woods '13
L. W. Roys '09
J. E. Stripp
S. E. Nims
J. A. Mill
H. L. Pierson
H. W?
A. W. B?
R. W. Adams
W. J. Gilsen
E. W. Kimball
N. D. Guffrie
Lil Gilchrest
C. O. Snow '13
E. H. Thomas '13

If you can correct what I've provided for the autographed names and/or, even better, relate any of the autographs to the faces in the group photograph in the 1910 program, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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