Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Record Pages of Charles R. Lawrence and Lenora T. (Moyer) Lawrence of Nebraska

Set of two pages that appear to have been removed at some point from a Family Bible that belonged to Charles Richard Lawrence and his wife Lenora T. (Moyer) Lawrence. One of the pages seems to show the surname as Laurence.

The Marriage Certificate page, shown above, is not marked, though the marriage date is mentioned on other pages as 9 May 1889. Interestingly, the reverse of the Marriage Certificate page and its facing page contain nearly the same information.

Charles Richard Lawrence was born at Berlin, Wisconsin, on 10 September 1863 and died 24 February 1929, no place mentioned
Lenora T. Moyer was born at Shelbyville, Illinois, on 24 August 1865 and died 20 December 1959, no place mentioned.

The pages give the dates and places of birth of nine children, from 1890 to 1908:
  1. Ethel May Lawrence, born 11 February 1890 at North Platte, Nebraska; died 23 March 1966 
  2. Charles Gladus Lawrence, born 4 February 1892 at Salt Lake City, Utah; died 12 April 1941 
  3. Stanford Gardy Lawrence, born 20 January 1894, at St. Joseph, Missouri; died 13 July 1895 
  4. Elma Fern Lawrence, born 21 May 1896 at Sutherland, Nebraska; died 6 December 1897 
  5. Dewey McKinley Lawrence, born 15 June 1898 at Sutherland, Nebraska 
  6. Merritt Otis Lawrence, born 24 August 1900 at Sutherland, Nebraska; buried 31 March 1956 
  7. Infant son who died at birth on 27 October 1902 at Sutherland, Nebraska 
  8. Merle Truman Lawrence, born 18 February 1904 at Sutherland, Nebraska 
  9. Hera Janet Lawrence, born 11 December 1908 at Hershey, Nebraska 

 The fourth page was not filled out.

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