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Family Bible of the Balch and Trefethen Families of the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Rye, New Hampshire, Area

Family Bible with genealogy of the Balch and Trefethen families that was presented later on to Ruth Mabel Trefethen (1893-1974) by her mother Martha Ellen (Balch) Trefethen.   

The Bible was accompanied by a booklet detailing the Trefethen genealogy, which will be the subject of a future post.  The booklet contains information on the Trefethen family, starting with Charles F. and Dorothy Berry (Marden) Trefethen, many obituaries clipped from newspapers, mementos, the 1846 tax bill of Nathaniel Balch of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and an original scrap of the multiplication tables of Elizabeth Moses Tucker, who married Nathaniel Balch.

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The earliest entries in the Bible are the birth dates of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Moses (Tucker) Balch.  Their daughter Martha Ellen Balch married Charles Elvin Trefethen.  Ruth Mabel Trefethen was the youngest child of Charles Elvin Trefethen and Martha Ellen (Balch) Trefethen.

The Bible is approximately 11-1/2" x 9" and about 2-3/4" thick and contains 4 Family Record pages, all of them with entries.  The earliest year mentioned is 1808, the year of Nathaniel Balch's birth.  The latest year mentioned is 2005, the year of the death of Phyllis Mabel (Trefethen) Grunert.

Family Record
Nathaniel Balch married Elizabeth M. Tucker, Apr. 8, 1835
Edward H. Balch married Julia H. Philbrick Nov. 13th [no year written]
Charles E. Trefethen married Martha E. Balch Sept. 24, 1877

Family Record
Nathaniel Balch, born Sept. 9, 1808
Elizabeth M. Tucker, born March 9, 1812
William Wallace Balch, born March 30, 1839 [not sure of the 9]
Edward Henry Balch, born Dec. 24, 1840
George Frederick Balch, born Feb. 20, 1846
Martha Ellen Balch, born March 30, 1851
[Martha's husband] Charles Elvin Trefethen, born Oct. 18, 1849
Nathaniel Balch, died June 3, 1876
Elizabeth M. Balch, died Oct. 13, 1889
William W. Balch, died at sea, July 21, 1858
Edward Henry Balch, died [no date filled in]
George Frederick Balch, died March 1, 1869
Martha Ellen Balch, died July 2, 1915
Charles Elvin Trefethen, died Dec. 15, 1921

Susie Ellen Trefethen, born July 1, 1878
Austin Wallace Trefethen, born Sept. 5, 1880
George Chester Trefethen, born Feb. 15, 1882
Arthur Elwyn Trefethen, born April 24, 1883
Elmer Balch Trefethen, born July 10, 1885
Willie Marshal Trefethen, born Dec. 23, 1886
Julia Alice Trefethen, born Feb. 5, 1888
Susie Ellen Trefethen, died Jan. 6, 1880
Austin Wallace Trefethen, died April 4, 1963
George Chester Trefethen, died July 26, 1957
Arthur Elwyn Trefethen, died Nov. 25, 1924
Elmer Balch Trefethen, died July 7, 1973
Willie Marshal Trefethen, died Oct. 24, 1919
Julia Alice Trefethen, died Aug. 23, 1971

Raymond H. Trefethen, born Aug. 10, 1889
Marcia Elizabeth Trefethen, born April 19, 1891
Ruth Mable [Mabel] Trefethen, born May 11, 1893
Phyllis Mabel Trefethen, born January 20, 1918
Married Karl Frank Grunert, Jan. 17, 1941
Born May 28, 1916
Jeane S. Trefethen, born 7/8/1922
Richard L. Trefethen, born 10/12/1927
Raymond Hall Trefethen, died April 12, 1974
Marcia Elizabeth Trefethen, died Nov. 25. 1918
Ruth Mabel Trefethen, died Sep. 27, 1972
Phyllis Mabel Trefethen Grunert, died July 9, 2005

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Rye, New Hampshire

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  1. A small world wherein James Trefethen and John Balch were Mount Scargo Road neighbors, Kennebunkport, Maine