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Bible of Joseph & Susan (Curtiss) Wakelee of Huntington (Shelton), Connecticut

Bible of Joseph and Susan (Curtiss) Wakelee of Huntington, Connecticut.   Some of the death entries show the name Wakeley.  Another name variant is Wakelyn.

Huntington merged with the town of Shelton, Connecticut in 1919 and is now known as Shelton.

The Bible measures approximately 11" by nearly 8" and is 3" thick.  It was published by the American Tract Society and has a copyright dated 1861 by O. R. Kingsbury.  

The Susan S. Wakelee who signed the first end paper was probably the first born child of Joseph and Susan (Curtiss) Wakelee, rather than Susan (Curtiss) Wakelee herself.  The handmade bookmark with the initials S.W. might have been crafted by or for Susan (Curtis) Wakelee or her daughter Susan S. Wakelee.

There are four family record pages, of which three have entries.

Family Record
  • Joseph Wakelee, May 24th 1804, by Rev. Mr. Todd
  • William Wakelee, April 20th 1835, Trumble,  Rev. Kent
  • Nicholas Wakelee, November 25th 1831, Middlebury, Atwater [Rev. Atwater perhaps?]
  • Stiles Wakelee, October 17th 1830, Orange, Rev. Parsons
  • Lucinda Wakelee, February 9th 1835, Huntington, Rev. Pumberson [?]
  • Zipporah M. Wakelee, Sept. 20th 1840, Huntington, Rev. Pumberson [?]
  • Charles H. Wakelee, April 23rd 1840, Philadelphia, Pa., Rev. Harris
  • Hannah Wakelee, Nov. 4th 1841, Huntington, Rev. Mead

  • Joseph Wakelee, July 5th 1785, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Susan Wakelee, January 2nd 1785, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Susan S. Wakelee, April 18th 1805, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • William Wakelee, June 1st 1807, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Nicholas Wakelee, May 6th 1809, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Stiles Wakelee, May 15th 1811, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Lucinda Wakelee, August 22nd 1813, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Zipporah M. Wakelee, November 28th 1815, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Charles H. Wakelee, May 22nd 1820, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Hannah Wakelee, July 17th 1822, Huntington [Connecticut]

  • Joseph Wakelee, March 20th 1857, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Zipporah M. Wakeley, Sept. 4th 1844, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Stiles Wakeley, August 1849, California
  • Hannah Wakeley, April 4th 1853, Huntington [Connecticut]
  • Charles H. Wakelee, February 10th 1868, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Susan Wakelee, June 13th 1874, aged 90 years & 6 months
  • Susan S. Wakelee, May 15th 1885, aged 80
  • William Wakelee died Thursday, Oct. 22, 1885
  • Lucinda Wakelee, January 11th 1892
  • Nicholas Wakelee, Oct. 15th 1893

Information from The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Anne Elliott and other sources -  corrections and additions requested:

Joseph Wakelee was the son of Josiah Shelton Wakelee and Mercy (French) Wakelee of Huntington, Connecticut.  Susan (Curtiss) Wakelee was the daughter of Stiles and Clara (Adams) Curtiss of Huntington, Connecticut.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Other items in the Bible:

Huntington, now Shelton, Connecticut

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  1. Joseph Wakeley and Susan Curtis are my 4th great grandparents. Thank you for sharing this.