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April 1901 Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society,

April 1901 issue of The Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society, a quarterly journal published at Fairfield, Maine.  Approximately 9" x ", with pages running from 17 to 28.

See the July 1901 issue here.

The journal contains interesting articles about Maine bird watching and a few advertisements from Maine and beyond.  

Officers of the Maine Ornithological Society
William L. Powers, Gardiner, President
Capt. H. L. Spinney, Seguin, Vice President
A. H. Norton, Westbrook, Secretary-Treasurer
J. Merton Swain, Waterville, Editor
Prof. A. L. Lane, Waterville, Councillor
Ora W. Knight, Bangor, Councillor

Other names mentioned on the page above:
Mr. Dutcher
Dr. Palmer
Mr. Carleton
Mr. Mead
Prof. Lee
Prof. Powers
A. H. Norton

Place names mentioned on the page above:
Liberty, Maine
Alna, Maine

Names, places and species mentioned on the page above:
  • Capt. Spinney of Seguin Island, "The most lonesome, dreary winter he has ever spent on the island"; Snowflakes, Horned Grebes, Pintails, Baldpates at Popham Beach, Song Sparrow
  • Mr. Ruthven Deane of Chicago, president of the Illinois Audobon Society
  • Bar Harbor, Maine (where a brown pelican was discovered) and Castine, Maine (where the pelican had escaped from a ship from South America)
  • [Mrs. W. H.] Augusta Gardiner of Bucksport, Maine; Philadelphia Vireo, Crested Flycatcher, Mourning Dove, Cape May Warbler, Solitary Vireo; Bobolink
  • North Bridgton, Maine

Names, places and species mentioned on the page above:
  • Mrs. Mead of North Bridgton, Maine: Bob White
  • N. C. Brown
  • Bro. Spinney
  • James Carroll Mead of North Bridgton, Maine
  • Androscoggin County: multi-page article about various Warbler species; Black and White Warbler

  • Black and White Warbler
  • F. A. Garcelon of Lewiston, Maine: Nashville Warbler
  • Buckfield, Maine: Nashville Warbler
  • Lisbon, Maine: Nashville Warbler
  • C. D. Farrar; found Tennessee Warbler at South Lewiston, Maine
  • C. D. Farrar; found Northern Parula Warbler at Wales bog at head 
  • of Sabattus Pond
  • Green Bog at head of Sabattus Pond: Northern Parula Warbler

  • W. F. Burbank; found a Cape May Warbler at Lewiston, Maine
  • Lisbon Centre; Yellow Warbler nest
  • C. D. Farrar; found a Black-Throated Blue Warbler nest near Lewiston, Maine
  • Lewiston, Maine; Myrtle Warbler
  • Lewiston, Maine; Magnolia Warbler
  • Lisbon Centre; Chestnut-Sided Warbler
  • W. F. Burbank at Lewiston, Maine; Bay-breasted Warbler
  • C. D. Farrar at Lewiston, Maine; Bay-breasted Warbler
  • Lewiston, Maine; Blackburnian Warbler
  • Lewiston, Maine; Black-throated Green Warbler
  • Lewiston, Maine; Pine Warbler

  • Sabattus Pond, Sabattus, Maine; Ovenbird
  • Lewiston, Maine, Ovenbird
  • Sabattus, Maine; Maryland Yellowthroat
  • Greene, Maine; Canadian Warbler
  • Lisbon Centre, Maine; American Redstart
  • F. A. Garcelon, near Lewiston, Maine; American Pipit
  • W. F. Burbank, at Sabattus Pond: American pipit
  • Everett E. Johnson of Lewiston, Maine

  • Chimney Swift
  • Eave Swallow
  • Barn Swallow
  • Bobolink
  • Grackles
  • Swallows
  • Scarlet Tanager
  • Red-shouldered Hawks
  • Hermit Thrush
  • Wilson's Thrush
  • White-crowned Sparrows
  • Mr. Briggs
  • C. H. Morrill of Pittsfield, Maine
  • J. M. Swain; text of a talk on the American Bittern [fascinating!]

  • H. P. White; his book "Our Birds, Their Nests and Eggs"
  • Crested Flycatcher
  • Least Flycatcher
  • Wood Pewee
  • American Bittern

  • American Bittern
  • Westbrook, Maine; American Woodcock

  • Woodfords [Portland], Maine; American Woodcock; Loggerhead Shrike; Duck Hawk at Presumpscot River
  • J. Merton Swain; text of a talk on Woodpeckers read before the Summer meeting at East Parsonsfield, Maine
  • Farmington, Maine
  • Wilson Stream
  • Cape May Warblers; Bay-breasted Warblers, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Winter Wren, Solitary Vireo, Pine Siskins; Yellow-bellied Woodpeckers; Hairy Woodpecker; Downy Woodpeckers

  • J. Merton Swain of Woodfords, Maine, on his outing near Farmington, Maine; Flickers, White Breasted Nuthatch; Red Breasted Nuthatch, Blue Jays, Red Shouldered Hawks
  • Farmington, Maine; Loggerhead Shrike
  • Manly Hardy; Black Gyrfalcon

Advertisement: Plant World periodical

  • Benjamin Hoag, books
  • James P. Babbitt of Taunton, Massachusetts: supplies for the Naturalist and Taxidermist; 
  • J. Merton Swain at Waterville, Maine: back issues of The Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society
  • American Ornithology
  • Homer R. Dill, State Taxidermist, Gardiner, Maine

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