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1903 Photograph of the Lovely Home of Mrs. Alona A. Hinds and son Albert Walker Hinds of West Boylston, Massachusetts

Photograph dated September 1903 of the West Boylston, Massachusetts home of Mrs. Alona Allen (Walker) Hinds and her son Albert Walker Hinds.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome]

Alona Allen Walker was born 4 February 1830 at Holden, Massachusetts, daughter of Joel and Deidemia [sp?] (Stone) Walker.

On 31 December 1863 at Sterling, Massachusetts, Alona married Albert H. Hinds, son of Ephraim and Maria (Hapgood) Hinds.

Their son Albert Walker Hinds was born 30 November 1964 at West Bolyston, Massachusetts.  Albert H. Hinds, a civil engineer, died 28 February 1874.

Son Albert Walker Hinds was a teacher and town treasurer.  I don't know if he was married early in life but some time after the time of the 1920 Census, he married Margaret, who was born about 1900.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above or information on the Hinds home, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the great photo and information. Re Albert Walker Hinds, the 1885 Rhode Island state census shows Albert W Hinds as a 20-year-old student in Providence and marks his marital status as divorced.

    Assuming the marital information is correct, he could not have been married very long.

  2. Now that's interesting; wonder if he went to Brown. And you're right - either enumerator error or, as you say, a very short marriage. Thanks for taking the time to comment.