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1876/1877 Catalog of Littleton Graded School of Littleton, New Hampshire

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Littleton Graded School, for the Year 1876-1877.  Printed at Littleton, New Hampshire by Argus Job Print, 1876.

The first page is a repeat of the front cover.

Board of Education
Hon. George A. Bingham, President
John L. Foster, Secretary
John Farr, Esq., Treasurer
Charles M. Tuttle, M.D.
Augustus R. Burton
H. H. Southworth
Rev. C. E. Milliken
Alexander McIntire, Esq.
A. S. Batchellor


Frank P. Moulton, A.B., President
Miss Clara E. Meserve, Preceptress
Grammar School - Miss Emma F. Stevens
Intermediate - Miss Sara F. Harriman
Second Primary - Mrs. Sue H. Church
First Primary - Miss Angie L. Eastman


High School
Senior Class
Names, residences
Alice I. Allen*, Littleton
Alice H. Goodall*, Littleton
Marion L. Goold*, Littleton
Minnie E. Presby*, Bethlehem
Mary B. Wallace*, Littleton
Alice M. Warner*, Whitefield
Effie A. Warner*, Whitefield
Mabel Ina Weeks*, Littleton                                                              

Second Class
Alvah W. Beane*, Littleton
Aaron J. Bond, Dalton
Fred S. Byron, Littleton
Wilmer C. Clark, Littleton
Adelbert Goss*, Littleton
Simeon A. Gould*, Bethlehem
Frank M. Holmes, Littleton
Simon O. Howland, Whitefield
Ellery A. Johnson, Littleton
William H. Mitchell*, Salem, Vermont
Israel C. Richardson*, Littleton
Myron H. Richardson*, Littleton
David F. Richardson*, Littleton
Charles F. Roper*, Hubbardston, Massachusetts

High School
Second Class, continued
Charles H. Simpson, Littleton
George A. Warner*, Whitefield
John E. Weeks*, Littleton
Hugh D. Wilkins, Littleton

Belle Clark*, Littleton
Estelle A. Chandler, Littleton
May S. Davis, Bethlehem
Ella A. Eaton, Franconia
Ada M. Farr, Littleton
Annie M. French*, Littleton
Emma L. Howland, Bethehem
Esmeralda L. Metcalf, Carroll
Anna G. Moulton, Littleton
Elwilder T. Ouvrand, Littleton
Ina B. Parker*, Whitefield
Ida M. Robins*, Littleton
Addie E. Smith, Littleton
Elgie M. Thayer, Littleton
Emma J. Wetherell*, Littleton
Mabelle White, Lancaster

Third Class

John I. Bowman, Littleton
Fred C. Chandler*, Littleton
Fred E. Goodall, Littleton
Alphonso E. Hall, Whitefield
Henry W. Quimby*, Littleton
George H. Tilton*, Littleton
Edward W. White, Lancaster

Mary Bugbee*, Littleton
Hattie E. Burton*, Littleton
Marcella M. Copp*, Littleton
Mattie E. Corey, Littleton
Mattie E. Farr*, Littleton

High School
Third Class, continued

Flora E. French, Littleton
Cora W. Frye*, Littleton
Mabel E. Hale*, Littleton
Florence B. Hall, Whitefield
Kate A. Jones*, Littleton
Ida E. Ladd*, Littleton
Millie M. Morrill*, Littleton
Julia A. Murphy, Littleton
Addie E. Remick*, Littleton
Edith M. Tarbell*, Littleton
Ida May Whitcher, Littleton

Fourth Class

Andrew W. Bingham*, Littleton
Burton Blakslee*, Dalton
Charles F. Davis, Bethlehem
Frank Green, Littleton
Fred Hill, Littleton
George F. Kenison, Littleton
Harry L. Merrill, Littleton
Fred O. Nourse, Littleton
Burns F. Plummer, Bethlehem
Irvin W. Smith*, Littleton

Belle E. Abbott*, Littleton
Lillia S. Barrett, Littleton
Mattie L. Berkley, Littleton
Jennie E. Bowman, Littleton
Myra Clark, Littleton
Susie J. Copp, Littleton
Fannie M. Daggett, Littleton
Abbie Elkins, Littleton
Nellie E. Farr, Littleton
Sarah J. Hatch, Littleton
Nellie Marsh, Littleton
Mary L. Mozrall, Littleton

High School
Fourth Class, continued

Alice Nutting, Littleton
Belle S. Redington*, Littleton
Lizzie F. Simpson, Littleton
Carrie L. Tilton*, Littleton
Nettie F. Woodard*, Littleton

Fifth Class

Lorenzo D. Barrett, Littleton
Fred W. Berry, Littleton
Harry Y. Emery, Littleton
Willie W. Hall, Littleton
Willie S. Hodgman, Littleton
Lorrie A. Ladd, Littleton
Charles E. Milliken*, Littleton
Willie C. Noyes, Bethlehem
Harry C. Parker, Littleton
Fred A. Watson, Littleton

Ida A. Bishop, Littleton
Ida M. Brown, Littleton
Mabel A. Ferguson, Littleton
Ida L. Farr, Littleton
Eunice J. Glovier, Bethlehem
Addie M. Milliken, Littleton
Florence S. Parker, Littleton
Eva A. Remick, Littleton
Belle L. Simpson, Littleton
Luna J. Streeter, Littleton


Grammar School


Names, residences
George H. Bingham, Littleton
Calvin Brodie, Littleton
Justin Brodie, Littleton
Willie P. Buckley, Littleton
Thomas Clark, Littleton
Elmer E. Crane, Bethlehem
Walter N. Cooley, Littleton
Harry Y. Emery, Littleton
Bertie S. Farr, Littleton
Carroll W. Gates, Littleton
Fred E. Gibb, Littleton
George P. Conyaw, Littleton
Eddie G. Gonyaw, Littleton
Edward Greenleaf, Littleton
Willie C. Hall, Littleton
Willie S. Hodgman, Littleton
Fred C. Hodgman, Littleton
George A. Holmes, Littleton
Alden F. Howe, Littleton
Charles Kenison, Littleton
Willie Kenney, Bethelehem
Albert L. Lamire, Bethlehem
Charles E. Milliken, Littleton
Henry W. Murphy, Littleton
Eddie H. McMurphy, Littleton
Charles H. McMurphy, Littleton
Harry C. Parker, Littleton
Eddie K. Parker, Littleton
Lorenzo Phillips, Bethlehem
John P. Prescott, Littleton
Harry W. Ranlett, Littleton

Grammar School
Gentlemen, continued

Elmer R. Russell, Littleton
Charles M. Sawyer, Littleton
George R. Simpson, Littleton
Eddie Smalley, Littleton
Walter H. Smith, Littleton
Alpheus M. Tuttle, Littleton
James Trueland, Littleton
Fred A. Watson, Littleton

Ida A. Bishop, Littleton
Ida M. Brown, Littleton
Katie Q. Dow, Littleton
Ivah M. Dunklee, Littleton
Julia A. Eaton, Littleton
Myra G. Eaton, Littleton
Stella B. Farr, Littleton
Dulcie M. Frye, Littleton
Nellie M. Fuller, Littleton
Cora J. Galer, Littleton
Mary B. Goodall, Littleton
Ida B. Gotham, Littleton
Kate E. Guy, Bethlehem
Emma H. Hall, Littleton
Hattie L. King, Littleton
Jessie A. Marsh, Littleton
Addie M. Milliken, Littleton
Jennie V. Murphy, Littleton
Emma S. Ouvrand, Littleton
Jennie V. Phillips, Littleton
Lydia Richardson, Littleton
Emma A. Remick, Littleton
Florence M. Shute, Littleton
Jennie E. Smith, Littleton
Angie B. Watson, Littleton
Minnie C. Watson, Littleton

Organization of the School Board

On Finance, Accounts and Claims. - Messrs. Farr, Southworth and Bingham
On Repairs, Furniture, Supplies and Fuel. - Messers, Burton, Tuttle and McIntire
On Text-Books and Apparatus. - Messrs. Foster, Southworth and Milliken
On Examination of Teachers and Schools. - Messrs. Milliken, Foster and Batchellor

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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