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1880s Autograph Album of Linnie Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine

1800s autograph album that belonged to Linnie Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine.

Oceanville is a village on the east side of Deer Isle, Maine.

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See another post that features an autograph album that Linnie kept in the later 1880s into the 1890s.

The album is approximately 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" and contains 34 pages signed by Linnie's relatives and friends.  An alphabetical list of the signers appears at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Linnie was likely Eldora Evelyn Greenlaw, born about 1869 on Deer Isle, Maine, the daughter of Thomas Augustus Greenlaw and Susan Arvilla (Hatch) Greenlaw.

Many people named Greenlaw and Hatch signed pages in Linnie's album.

Linnie's parents signed facing pages in her album in 1881.  The image below shows the facing pages.

A closeup of the page signed by Linnie's father Thomas Augustus Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, in 1881.

A closeup of the page signed by Linnie's mother Susan Arvilla (Hatch) Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine.

Linnie's paternal grandparents were William and Eliza (Eaton) Greenlaw.  

Linnie's maternal grandparents were Jeremiah and Rebecca (Greenlaw) Hatch.

Linnie's sister Elsie M. Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, born about 1874, signed a page in 1884.

Another of Linnie's sisters signed page in her album, assuming that Meta Greenlaw was Meretta Frances Greenlaw, born 2 September 1866 at Deer Isle, Maine.  Meta of Oceanville, Maine, signed her page in 1880.

Linnie's sister Maggie, Margaret Ann Greenlaw, born about 1875, also signed a page in the album.

On 10 September 1891 at Ipswich, Massachusetts, Linnie married George Loring Woodbury, son of George and Carolyn (Lakeman) Woodbury of Ipswich.

George Loring Woodbury and his wife Linnie (Greenlaw) Woodbury settled at Ipswich, Massachusetts, where they farmed and raised a family.

Three signers indicated they were Linnie's cousins.  Cousin Viola Hatch of Oceanville, Maine, signed a page.

Cousin Jennie Greenlaw signed a page at Oceanville, Maine, in 1880.

Cousin Flora E. Buckminster of Oceanville, Maine, signed a page in 1880.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order [Given names within a specific surname may not be in alpha order.]

  • Bertha ?, 1880.  Possibly Bertha Hatch
  • Carrie Bickford of Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1880
  • S. G. Buckminster, 1880.  Solomon Gross Buckminster of Oceanville, Maine; husband of signer Rebecca H. Buckminster
  • Mrs. Rebecca H. Buckminster of Oceanville, Maine, 1880; wife of signer S. G. Buckminster
  • Jennie E. Buckminster of Oceanville, Maine, 1881
  • Flora E. Buckminster of Oceanville, Maine, 1880; Linnie's cousin
  • A. L. Candee of Easton, Connecticut
  • Linnie Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, 1880; owner of the album
  • Meta Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, 1880; Linnie's sister.  Possibly Maretta Greenlaw born 2 September 1866
  • Mina Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine
  • Thomas A. Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, 1881.  Linnie's father.
  • Susan A. Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine.  Linnie's mother
  • Jennie Greenlaw, signed at Oceanville, Maine
  • Alice M. Greenlaw
  • Maggie Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine; Linnie's sister
  • Vesta L. Greenlaw; friend
  • Elsie M. Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, 1881
  • Lilie Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, 1880; friend
  • Clara Greenlaw of Oceanville, Maine, 1881
  • Jennie Greenlaw, 1880; cousin
  • John H. Gross of Oceanville, Maine, 1882
  • Viola Hatch of Oceanville, Maine; cousin
  • Thomas S. Hatch of Oceanville, Maine, 1881
  • Eliza J. Hatch, 1880
  • H. M. Hatch, 1880
  • W. M. Hatch of Oceanville, Maine, 1880
  • Fannie Hatch, signed at Oceanville, Maine, 1880
  • George B. Hatch of Oceanville, Maine, 1880
  • Sarah E. Hatch, 1880
  • Peniah Joyce of Oceanville, Maine
  • L. L. Sullivan of Oceanville, Maine, 1882; friend.  Possibly Lewis L. Sullivan
  • Susie V. Webb of Oceanville, Maine, 1880
  • Delia Whitmore of Oceanville, Maine, 1882
  • Addie Whitmore, 1881
  • Sarah Wood, Oceanville, Maine, 1882; schoolmate
If you have corrections and/or clarifications to the information above or insights into the Greenlaw, Hatch, Woodbury and Lakeman families, or into any of the signers listed above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Ipswich, Massachusetts

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  1. Fascinating... I am Greenlaw. Checking it all out. My family comes from Maine. Just not sure which brother is my ancestor.


  2. Neat! There are lots of Greenlaws in Maine and New Brunswick; hope you can trace back. FamilySearch.org has a new service where they are hoping to create one world family tree. Click on Family Tree at the top. Good luck!