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1904-1905 Catalog of Maine Central Institute at Pittsfield, Maine

1905-1906 Catalog of Maine Central Institute at Pittsfield, Maine.
Printed by The Haskell Press at Pittsfield, Maine, in 1904.  The first page has the same text as the front cover, and the reverse has the printer's name.

Note: If you have landed on this page because of a person's name, please search the entire page, as some names appear multiple times.

Below, Maine Central Institute, as it appeared in 1904.

Images of any pages that have genealogical or historical interest appear below, with names transcribed beneath.  There were many more pages that detail the instruction offered.

Board of Trustees

Rev. S. C. Whitcomb, President, Bangor

Term Expires in 1905
Rev. S. C. Whitcomb, Bangor
Rev. O. H. Tracy, Pittsfield
Frank D. Bessey, Clinton
George C. Chase, D.D., LL D, Lewiston
Rev. C. G. Mosher, Augusta

Term Expires in 1906
Jesse C. Connor, Pittsfield
William Dobson, Pittsfield
Gordon Dobson, Pittsfield
Rev. A. D. Dodge, Waterville
Rev. W. W. Hayden, Milo

Term Expires in 1907
E. C. Bryant, D.D.S., Pittsfield
Hon. R. W. Shaw, Houlton
M. T. Dodge, M.D., Troy
Hon. Charles A. Milliken, Augusta
Hon. Frederick A. Powers, Houlton

Board of Trustees, continued

Term Expires in 1908
Ansel L. Lumbert, A.M., Boston, Massachusetts
T. S. Dexter, Pittsfield
W. J. Maybury, M.D., Saco
Prof. L. G. Jordan, Ph.D., Lewiston
Rev. A. G. Hill, Atkinson

Term Expires in 1909
F. J. Taylor, M.D., Pittsfield
Hon. Llewellyn Powers, Houlton
Hon. Hiram Knowlton, Portland
B. C. Jordan, Alfred

Dr. E. C. Bryant, Secretary and Treasurer

Executive Committee
Rev. S. C. Whitcomb, Chairman
J. C. Connor, Dr. E. C. Bryant, F. J. Taylor, M.D., T. S. Dexter and Gordon Dobson

Visiting Committee
Prof. H. R. Purinton, Lewiston
Carl E. Milliken, Island Falls

Board of Instruction

F. U. Landman, A.B., Principal, Latin, Mathematics and Political Economy
G. E. Ramsdell, A.B., Sciences and Mathematics
Fannie R. Waterman, A.M., Preceptress, Modern Languages, History and Literature
Florria M. Bishop, Supt. Normal Department, Normal Classes, Rhetoric and Pedagogy
Grace V. Thompson, A.B., Greek and Mathematics
Mrs. Evelyn A. Call, Latin
Mrs. F. J. Taylor, Vocal and Instrumental Music
Mrs. Marie B. Anderson, Phonography and Typewriting
Eva Helen Holmes, Elocution
A. L. Webber, Janitor
S. A. Coffin, Steward


[name, residence]
Fred D. Davis, Brooks


College Preparatory
Vera A. Connor, Pittsfield
Howard A. Lancaster, Old Town
Harris V. Mathews, Pittsfield
Albert L. Partridge, Stetson
June S. Philbrick, Pittsfield
William V. Sweetland, Pittsfield
Agnes B. Vaughan, Pittsfield

Louida S. Simpson, Stetson

Latin Scientific
Harold C. Robertson, St. Albans
Earle N. Vickery, Pittsfield
Walter W. Wingate, Pittsfield

English Scientific
William G. Bailey, Harmony
George W. Bragdon, Smithton [perhaps the Smithton Plantation that eventually became Freedom, Maine]

Fred D. Davis, Brooks
Fay E. Lucas, St. Albans
Blanche A. Morton, Unity
Lula M. Stiles, Jackson

Susie E. Lewis, Pittsfield
Bertha E. Rowe, Troy
Ella A. Stevens, Pittsfield

Eva Josslyn, Pittsfield


Preparatory Classical
Daniel S. Billings, Pittsfield
Adah W. Clark, Pittsfield
Dora Dow, Plymouth
Charlie L. Harris, Detroit
Archibald L. Hayden, Milo
Arthur F. Linscott, Troy
Charles A. Magoon, St. Albans
Amy Porter, Pittsfield
Mary L. Sweetland, Pittsfield
Mildred E. Schermerhorn, Limerick
Selden Seekins, Pittsfield

General Course
Flora M. Lucas, St. Albans
Zana E. Prescott, St. Albans

Preparatory Scientific
Frank A. Richardson, Old Town
Rudolf E. Rowland, Norridgewock

English Scientific
George I. Higgins, Clinton
Fred H. Lancaster, Pittsfield

Sadie M. Buzzell, Livermore
Helen L. Bragg, St. Albans
Olive M. Dyer, Pittsfield
Caro D. Springer, Detroit
Ida M. Tibbetts, Portland
Mary M. Webster, Pittsfield


Preparatory Classicial
Katie M. Bunker, Franklin
Hattie M. Burns, Pittsfield
Charles E. Hartford, Pittsfield
Arthur W. Lee, Pittsfield
Gladys L. Leighton, Popham Beach
Orrin L. Miller, North Newburgh
Charles D. Rea, Southwest Harbor
Harry W. Rowe, Pittsfield
Cynthia G. Rollins, Plymouth
Ralph B. Sprague, Pittsfield
Arthur E. Tarbell, Meddybemps
Iona M. Willis, Mainstream [possibly near Harmony, Maine?]
Leta Young, Pittsfield

General Course
Vera M. Bryant, Pittsfield
Inez D. Mace, Aurora

Preparatory Scientific
Wallace L. Barney, Atkinson
Raymond A. Chandler, Pittsfield
Frank C. Garmany, Tuckahoe, New York
Gregory J. King, Portland
Fred R. Weymouth, Troy
Helen Weymouth, Troy

Ralph W. Cook, Detroit
Fred G. Doyle, Franklin
Mylon H. Elliott, Athens
Edna R. Emerson, Newport
Marion Manter, Parkman
Mildred E. Manter, Parkman
Esther M. Morrison, Pittsfield
Amos P. Nelson, Canaan
James B. Payson, Brooks
Elton L. Quinn, Pittsfield
Leone J. Raynes, Detroit
Vera S. Stevens, Pittsfield
Harry G. Sprowl, Pittsfield
Flora B. Welch, St. Albans

Normal Course
Mildred Bean, Wellington
Alice Canney, North Dixmont
Ella F. Fox, Pittsfield
Dora A. Norton, Plymouth
Lida M. Phillips, Livermore
Flora G. Sherman, Libertyville [I'd like to know where this was]
Leonora M. Shaw, Pittsfield
Amo Stafford, Harmony
Leonora M. Woodbury, Hartland


Preparatory Classical
Edwin S. Andrews, Carmel
Harry F. Atherton, Monticello
Annie D. Clark, Southwest Harbor
Ross P. Chamberlain, Waltham, Massachusetts
Irving F. Cowan, Pittsfield
Walter A. Cowan, Pittsfield
Charles W. Fuller, Southwest Harbor
Elise H. Haskell, Pittsfield
Ralph L. Kimball, Vienna

Viola G. Morecroft, Pittsfield
Cora E. Mills, Southwest Harbor
Walter E. Mathews, St. Albans
Frank D. Manock, Pittsfield
Parker W. Otis, Carmel
Leroy E. Phelps, Old TOwn
Carl T. Rhoades, Harmony
Aquaie F. Richardson, Southwest Harbor
Eva Springer, Franklin
Clair E. Turner, Harmony
Mertie L. Willis, Harmony
Leon P. Works, Albion

Preparatory Scientific
Sadie D. Herrick, Harmony
Leora E. Prentiss, Troy
Leta H. Prescott, St. Albans
Walter H. Sargent, Sargentville

English Scientific
Stephen H. Allen, Sedgwick
Welcome F. Blood, West Townshend, Vermont
Ray F  . Buxton, Pittsfield
John E. Carter, Etna
Fred F. Cathcart, Pittsfield
Percy T. Clarke, Franklin
Arthur C. Harvey, Mainsteam
Mary H. Hutton, Pittsfield
Fred M. Kinney, Houlton
Aaron P. McFarland, Montville
Ralph I. Moulton, Pittsfield
Eugene B. Seekins, Pittsfield
Lewis C. Sturtevant, Pittsfield

Normal Course
Florence L. Bartlett, Hope
Mildred A. Bartlett, Hope
Ida M. Cromwell, Harmony
Imogene Conroy, Cambridge
Edith A. Davis, Garland

Edythe McComb, Garland
Alice B. Payson, Hope
Blanche M. Varnum, Palmyra
Adria E. Woodruff, Pittsfield
Herbetina M. Wakefield, Biddeford


Preparatory Classical
Leo Blaisdell, East Franklin
Irene P. Chandler, Pittsfield
Phillip F. M. Gilley, Southwest Harbor
Percy M. Gleason, Pittsfield
Ethel H. Haskell, Pittsfield
Denver A. Hartwell, Stetson
Isa H. Herrick, Harmony
Merle G. Healey, Pittsfield
Rae E. Larlee, Forest Flen, New Brunswick
Floyd Mathews, St. Albans
Margery Manock, Pittsfield
Maurice A. Peabody, Exeter
Howard B. Richardson, Southwest Harbor
Carl R. Smith, Exeter
Iva B. Willis, Harmony

English Scientific
Addie L. Barnes, Chesuncook
Harry M. Bickford, Carmel
Leland H. Bartlett, Harmony
Pearl Call, Exeter
C. E. Cooley, Harmony
Vera L. Cornforth, Pittsfield
Arthur G. Fisher, Winterport
Effie E. Fernald, Troy
Don C. Herrick, Harmony
Dwight A. Kimball, Pittsfield
Minot Lucas, St. Albans

Doris F. Libby, Pittsfield
Hilda C. Lillie, Pittsfield
Clyde Martin, Pittsfield
Earl A. Metcalf, Wells
Thomas B. McAllister, Burnham
Mildred M. Parmanter, Palermo
Bert W. Raynes, Detroit
Vernon L. Shorey, Pittsfield
Newman Savage, West Franklin
Henry D. Sanford, Palmyra
Sylvan T. Sturtevant, Pittsfield
Henry A. Turner, Athens
Herbert Z. Turner, Athens
Mattie S. Truworthy, Newport
Walter I. Tufts, Stetson
Edgar H. Wilson, West Pittsfield
Irvin C. Whitman, Palmyra

Normal Course
Nellie B. Allen, Stetson
Grace E. Seekins, Pittsfield

Blanche Cookson, Plymouth
Leora Cowan, Pittsfield
Lucy E. Crocker, St. Albans
George E. Dodge, Burnham
Mary Dustin, Pittsfield
Walter Gray, Pittsfield
Wilmer H. Holman, Dixfield
Pearl Maxfield, Pittsfield
Bessie Maloon, Detroit
Mae H. Morton, Plymouth
Mae W. Witham, West Pittsfield

Photography and Typewriting
Caroline Noyes, Pittsfield
Vera Stevens, Pittsfield


Post-Graduates, 1
Graduates, 21
Seniors, 23
Juniors, 44
Sophomores, 48
Freshmen, 45
Unclassified, 11

Number of students during the year, 193
Winter term, 130
Spring term, 115
Fall term, 138

Following this page are 18 pages describing the course instruction, with no names of instructors or students until the Department of Music, below.

Class D
Elva Johnson, Pittsfield

Class C
Clair Barnes, Pittsfield
Lola Farnham, Pittsfield
Sara Hurd, Hartland
Eva Josslyn, Pittsfield
Pearl Larlee, Perth, New Brunswick
Margie Manock, Pittsfield
Emma Morris, Pittsfield
Amy Porter, Pittsfield
Nellie Peterson, Farmington
Jessie Spaulding, Pittsfield
Louida Simpson, Stetson
Agnes Vaughan, Pittsfield
Leta Young, Pittsfield

Class B.
Orel M. Bean, Pittsfield
Daniel Billings, Pittsfield
Helen Bragg, St. Albans
Blanche Cookson, Plymouth
Edna Emerson, Newport
Elizabeth Gott, Southwest Harbor
Sadie Herrick, Harmony
Merle Healey, Pittsfield
Mae Morton, Plymouth
Cora Mills, Southwest Harbor
Lenora Prentiss, Troy
Mae Spaulding, Pittsfield
Ralph B. Sprague, Pittsfield
Algie Towle, Pittsfield
Etta Tracy, Pittsfield

Mattie Truworthy, Newport
Julia Vaughan, Pittsfield
Jennie Withee, Pittsfield

Class A.
Addie L. Barnes, Chesuncook
Errold Burton, Pittsfield
Una Cornforth, Pittsfield
Pearl Ellis, Blaine
Lida Frost, Palmyra
Effie Fernald, Troy
Charles Harris, Detroit
Howard Lancaster, Old Town
Fay Lucas, St. Albans
Charles D. Rea, Southwest Harbor
Nannie Spaulding, Pittsfield
Herbert Turner, Athens

Ladies, 38
Gentlemen, 8

Total, 46
Winter, 34
Spring, 33
Fall, 35

Eva Josslyn, Pittsfield
Elva Johnson, Pittsfield

Vocal Culture
William G. Bailey, Jr., Harmony

The following several pages deal with the history of Maine Central Institute and General Information and Advantages.

The second to last page lists school organizations and their officers.

School Organizations

Christian Association
President, Amy Porter
Vice President, Harry W. Rowe
Secretary, Arthur Harvey

Amicinian Society
President, Charles A. Magoon
Vice President, Fred R. Weymouth
Secretary and Treasurer, Harry W. Rowe

Sorosis Society
President, Ida M. Tibbetts
Vice President, Mary Sweetland
Secretary, Zana Prescott
Treasurer, Mildred Manter

Athletic Association
President, Charlie Harris
Vice President, Ralph B. Sprague
Secretary, Leta Young
Treasurer, Charles D. Rea

M. C. I. Publication
Manager, Fred H. Lancaster
Assistant Manager, Raymond Chandler
Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Harris

Alumni Association
President, B. S. Mathews, Pittsfield
Vice President, Charles Bryant, Bangor
Secretary, L. Helen Haskell, Pittsfield
Treasurer, Mrs. Marie Anderson, Pittsfield
Executive Committee: Orel Bean, Minnie Porter, Kate Patten

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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