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1880s/1890s Autograph Album of Eugene Burns of Madison, Maine

1880s/1890s autograph album of Eugene Foster Burns of Madison, Maine.

The album is approximately 4-1/4" x 3" and contains 26 pages signed by Eugene's relatives and friends.  An alphabetical list of signers appears at the end of this post.

The inside front cover bears the hand printed name of John Morrow, which initially led me to believe this album belonged to him.  

But the pages are inscribed to a Eugene, including two pages signed by Eugene's sister Nettie May Burns.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Eugene Foster Burns was born 14 September 1878 at Madison, Maine, son of Stephen Weston Burns and Clara E. (Foster) Burns, who were born at Madison, Maine, and Aroostook County, Maine, or New Brunswick, Canada, respectively.

Eugene's mother signed a page in his album.

On 1 January 1899 at Madison, Maine, Eugene married Bertha M. Mantor [Manter], daughter of George Edwin Mantor and Sarah Jane (Salley) Mantor.  She was born about November 1876 at Madison, Maine.

The couple lived at Madison, Maine, and Brunswick, Maine, where Eugene ran lumber businesses.  They had, I believe, three children.

Several relatives signed pages in Eugene's album.  His "old Uncle" R. Weston signed a page in 1891.  He may have been a brother to Eugene's maternal grandmother, Martha Weston.

Brothers Addison and R. I. Gilman of Farmington signed pages and indicated they were Eugene's cousins.  Addison and Ruel Irving Gilman were the sons of William Benson Gilman and Mary (Weston) Gilman.  Mary may have been another sibling of Martha Weston and R. Weston.

Five of Eugene's teachers signed pages.  

Teacher Lovisa Emery of North Anson, Maine, signed a page in 1890.

Teacher Nellie B. Stevens of Madison, Maine, signed a page in 1888.

Teacher Nannie Rankin of East Hiram, Maine, signed a page at Madison, Maine, in 1889.

Teacher May L. Macartney signed a page in 1888.

Teacher Nellie M. Beane of New Sharon, Maine, signed a page.

If you have corrections and/or clarifications on the information above or insights into the Burns, Foster, Weston, Purdy and Mantor families or any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

  • Rosa Adams of Madison, Maine, 1888; middle initial might be M; wonder if she was Rosa M. (Stewart) Adams, 2nd wife of James Benjamin Adams
  • Nellie M. Beane of New Sharon, Maine; teacher
  • Clara E. (Foster) Burns, 1889; Eugene's mother
  • Nettie Burns of Madison, Maine, 1892; Eugene's sister Nettie May Burns; signed two pages
  • Lovisa Emery of North Anson, Maine, 1890; teacher
  • Addison Gilman of Farmington, Maine; Eugene's cousin
  • R. I. Gilman of Farmington, Maine; Eugene's cousin, Ruel Irving Gilman
  • Evelyn Haslam of Madison, Maine, 1892; friend
  • H. E. Johnston of Madison, Maine, 1885
  • Harry A. Luce of Madison,  Maine, 1891; schoolmate
  • May L. Macartney, 1888; teacher
  • Lona E. Moore of Madison, Maine, 1888; schoolmate
  • Lina E. Moores of Madison, Maine, 1888; friend
  • John Morrow; name printed on inside front cover
  • Willford M. Norrad of Bloomfield Ridge, York County, New Brunswick, 1893; friend
  • D. C. Norton
  • Nannie Rankin of East Hiram, Maine; signed at Madison, Maine in 1889; teacher
  • Fayetta I. Reed; friend
  • Nellie B. Stevens of Madison, Maine, 1888; teacher
  • M. N. Strickland, friend
  • Ada S. Towne of Madison, Maine, 1886
  • Herbert L. Welch of Madison, Maine, 1889; friend
  • R. Weston, signed at Madison, Maine in 1891; Eugene's "old uncle"; perhaps a brother to Eugene's paternal grandmother Martha Weston
  • Judith Withee, 1886
Madison, Maine

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  1. Thank you for this post (and all you do!) This is my husband's 1st great-grand uncle. We were doing a search for Eugene's sister, Nettie. Belinda

  2. Glad you found this! Now you have two examples of Nettie's handwriting and regard for her brother. Thanks for taking the time to comment.