Friday, September 14, 2012

Typed Genealogy of the Blanchard Family

I purchased this 40 page Blanchard family genealogy at an antique shop.  I have no idea who compiled it, or how reliable it is.  Some of it is based, as indicated in the image above, on William Barry's History of Framingham, Massachusetts, published in 1847.  

It's in a small 3-ring binder, and there are two complete sets.  The second set is clearer, and all but the page above come from that set.  The page above is less clear set but it has the antique shop's notation and a correction to the typist's original naming of William Barry as Tom Barry.    

The first set appears older than the second, and I think the second may have been typed from the first at a later date.  The first page of the second set, which I'm not showing here, has John Bent's home as Benton, England, but I feel that Penton is correct, since the second set shows Penton on the following page.  

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