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Gem Tintypes of Clarence and Tillie Ellenwood of Maine

Attached gem-sized tintypes of a son and mother identified as Clarence and Tillie Ellenwood.

I found two such pairs in Maine, Clarence and his mother Tillie Ellenwood/Ellinwood/Ellingwood of Eastport, Maine, and Clarence and Tillie of Winterport and Frankfort, Maine.

The seller of the tintypes indicated they were the former son/mother pair.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Clarence Ellenwood was born 8 March 1854 at Eastport, Maine, son of Marshall Alden Ellenwood and Matilda Jane (Pendleton) Ellenwood.  

I found sources that indicated Marshall Alden Ellenwood was born 15 October 1831 at Eastport, Maine, but he indicated Canada on the Censuses.  It wasn't uncommon for people living on the Canadian islands of Passamaquoddy Bay to have their children born at Eastport, Maine, where there was a doctor.  

This may have been the case with Marshall Alden Ellenwood.  His parents were Nelson and Mary Ann (Guptill) Ellenwood.

Matilda Jane "Tillie" (Pendleton) Ellenwood was born 17 June 1829 at Deer Island, New Brunswick, across from Eastport, Maine, the daughter of Isaac Gilkey Pendleton and Mary (Jamison) Pendleton.

Marshall Alden Ellenwood and Matilda Jane Pendleton married at Eastport, Maine, on 22 June 1852.  Clarence was their first born.  The second was Charles Victor Ellenwood or Ellinwood.

At some point the family moved from the Passamaquoddy Bay area to New York and the Midwest.  Clarence married Marietta "Mattie" Fowler, daughter of Oscar and Charlotte (Card) Fowler and had a daughter Ethel, born about February 1881 at Eaton, New York.

Marshall Alden Ellenwood died at Whitewater, Wisconsin, on 9 September 1898.  Several years later, Clarence died at Whitewater on 1 November 1905.   He had apparently been divorced from Marietta and moved to Whitewater.  

In the 1900 Census of Eaton, New York, Marietta was shown as remarried to Miles Nash.  Ethel was living with her mother and stepfather.

Matilda Jane "Tillie" (Pendleton) Ellenwood died 4 July 1913 at Chatworth, Illinois, probably having moved there to be with her son Dr. Charles Victor Ellinwood.

In case someone who has these same or similar photographs recognizes the mother/son pair not as the Passamaquoddy area Ellenwoods, but rather the Waldo County Ellingwoods, here is what I found on them.

Clarence Ellingwood was born about 1869 in Maine, son of Manley and Matilda (Carlton) Ellingwood, who were born in the Frankfort and Winterport, Maine area.  I lost track of Clarence after the 1880 Census.

If you have corrections or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Eastport, Maine [Deer Island is the large island to the northeast.]

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Whitewater, Wisconsin

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