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Cabinet Photograph of Bailey Walker Bowden and wife Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Harriman) Bowden of Blue Hill, Maine

Cabinet photograph of Bailey Walker Bowden and wife Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Harriman) Bowden of Penobscot and Blue Hill, Maine.

In addition to their identifications on reverse, the writer added birth and dates dates for each, though there are some discrepancies from what I found online.

On reverse, the birth and death dates of Bailey Bowden: 12 August 1838 - 26 January 1907.  For Elizabeth (Harriman) Bowden: 10 October 1843 - 16 March 1929.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Bailey Walker Bowden was born 12 August 1838 at Blue Hill, Maine, the son of Nathaniel and Tryphena (Saunders) Bowden, both born at Penobscot, Maine.  Some online records have his month of birth in October; perhaps he was baptized on his 2 month birthday, or perhaps October is the correct month of his birth.  

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Harriman) Bowden was born 10 October 1843 at Orland, Maine, daughter of Nathaniel and Drusilla (Saunders) Harriman, both born at Orland, Maine.

Bailey and Lizzie were married 6 December 1865 at Penobscot, Maine.  They lived at Penobscot, Maine, and Blue Hill, Maine, and raised a family of at least eight children.  Bailey was a master mariner.

Bailey Walker Bowden died 26 January 1807.  Lizzie died either 16 March 1929, as shown on the reverse of the photograph, or 16 August 1929, as indicated in online family trees.

The grandson Colby referenced on the reverse of the photograph was George Colby Wardwell, son of the Bowden's first born, Addie Frances (Bowden) Wardwell, and Seymour F. Wardwell.  George Colby Wardwell was born 6 November 1893 at Penobscot, Maine.

See another post on a postcard sent to Mrs. Harvard Clark about 1910.  She was Mildred Alice (Bisset) Clark, daughter of William P. Bisset, Jr., and his wife Hattie Grindle (Bowden) Bisset.  Hattie was another daughter of Bailey Walker Bowden and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Harriman) Bowden.

If you have any corrections or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. I would be very interested in purchasing this photo. My great-grandparents!

  2. George Colby Wardwell was the first Maine State Trooper to use a motorcycle, he was badge number 2.