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1880s Autograph Album of Marguerite "Maggie" Cox of Crawfordsville, Indiana

1880s autograph album of Marguerite Lon "Maggie" Cox of Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Maggie signed the inside back cover of her album.

The album is approximately 4" x 2-3/4" and contains about 40 pages signed by Maggie, her relatives and friends.  A complete list of the signers, in alphabetical order, appears at the bottom of this post.

Marguerite Lon Cox was born 6 August 1873 in Montgomery County, Kentucky, daughter of Winfield Scott Cox and Armina Jameson (Daniel) Cox, both Kentucky natives.

Armina Jameson (Daniel) Cox signed a page in her Maggie's album as "your best friend, your Mother".

There are some pages written in the album that aren't signed, and Maggie's father may have written one of them.  Maggie's sister Bettie Bland Cox signed at least three pages and perhaps more.

Maggie's Aunt Lizzie signed two pages.  Maggie's father had a sister Elizabeth Cox, born in 1868, who may or may not have been the author of the pages below.  Maggie's mother had a sister Elizabeth Jameson Daniel, but she died in 1878 before Maggie started collecting autographs.  

Maggie Cox married William E. Smith on 21 July 1897 at Crawfordsville, Indiana.  I've had a hard time collecting information on William.  He may have been the son of Nancy Frances (Knox) and her second husband Samuel L. Smith.

The page signed by E. A. Batchelder in 1884 included the phrase "City Schools", leading me to wonder if he or she might have been Maggie's teacher.

If you have corrections or additions to the information above, or insights into any of the signers below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order by surname [not necessarily in alpha order by given name within a particular surname]

  • Unnamed
  • Aunt Lizzie, possibly Elizabeth Cox, younger sister of Maggie's father Winfield Scott Cox; she signed two pages
  • Unnamed
  • Could be M or William Sawyer or Thayer or Trayer, 1883
  • Edith J. Arthur
  • C. L. Ball, friend
  • Herman Barnhart, 1883
  • E. A. Batchelder of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1884; associated with City Schools
  • Cordelia Battley, friend
  • Grace Blandin, 1885; friend
  • Leno Britton of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1883
  • ? Brown; possibly Louie
  • Jennie Clements, friend
  • Ella Constancer of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1884
  • Marguerite Lon "Maggie" Cox, owner of the autograph album.  She would go on to marry William E. Smith; signed inside back cover
  • Bettie Cox of Crawfordsville, Indiana; Maggie's sister Bettie Bland Cox; signed three pages, one dated 1883
  • Armina Jameson Daniel, Maggie's mother, signed a page as "your best friend, your Mother"
  • Katie Fullenwider of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1883; middle initial is S or L
  • Inez E. Hancock, friend; not sure of surname
  • Beulah I. Hills
  • Fred Jones, 1885
  • Lizzie Kennedy
  • Bettie T. Kennedy, 1884
  • Marie D. Larsh
  • Hattie Lehr of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1885; friend
  • Pearl Lucas, 1885; middle initial might be C.
  • Ella Maxwell of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1884
  • Lillie McDaniel
  • Belle Moore of Crawfordsville, Indiana
  • Katie Prewitt, friend
  • L. S. 
  • F. T. of Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1888; friend
  • Minnie Van Sandt, friend
  • Frank Yeagley, friend

Crawfordsville, Indiana

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