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1903 Autograph Album of Caroline Stein of Westphalia, Indiana

Early 1900s autograph album that belonged to Caroline Stein of Westphalia, Indiana.

The album is approximately 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" and contains 25 signed pages and three Victorian scraps.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Caroline Stein was born 13 June 1896 in Indiana, daughter of Charles Christian Stein and wife Pauline "Lena" Carolina (Schmutz) Stein.  

According to a reader, Caroline spent most of her life in southern Indiana where she taught home economics and was considered a talented chef.  She married and, with that, acquired a step son but had no children of her own.  She died in 1966.

Caroline's siblings were:

  • Della Louise (Stein) Evans, 1889-1983
  • Edward H. Stein, 1891-1965
  • Hilda (Stein) Russell, 1894-1969
  • Willard Stein, 1902-1980

Caroline's father Charles Christian Stein signed a page in Caroline's album in 1905.

Her mother, Pauline "Lena" Carolina (Schmutz) Stein signed a page in 1903.

Caroline's sister Hilda Stein signed two pages in 1903.

A reader believes that Hilda signed the page below as well. [Note: this is amended from the original.]

Caroline's sister Della Stein signed a page in 1905. 

Caroline's brother Edward Stein may have signed the page below.

Caroline's cousin Anna Stein signed a page.

Caroline's teacher Frances Adelia Scudder of Edwardsport, Indiana, signed a page.

If you have corrections to the information above or information on any of the people mentioned above or in the list of signers below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order by surname (not necessarily given name)

  • Madeline
  • Rastus of Westphalia, Indiana
  • Dottie Dimble or Dottie Dimple; this could be the name of a character from children's literature rather than the signer's actual name.
  • Ottilie Graeper
  • Carolyn Graeper of Evansville, Indiana, 1903
  • Emma Graeper of Evansville, Indiana, 1903
  • Mary Hughes
  • Elsie Ireland
  • Henry F. A. Meier of Edwardsport, Indiana, 1903
  • Clara Pieper
  • Myrtle Rose
  • Frances Adelia Scudder of Edwardsport, Indiana; Caroline's teacher
  • Pearl Ruby Slawson
  • Caroline Stein, album owner
  • Eddie Stein
  • Anna Sten
  • Hilda Stein of Westphalia, Indiana, 1903; Caroline's sister
  • Della Stein of Westphalia, Indiana, 1905; Caroline's sister
  • Hilda Stein of Westphalia, Indiana, 1903; Caroline's sister; signed another page
  • Paulena "Lena" Caroline (Schmutz) Stein, 1903; Caroline's mother
  • Charles Christian Stein, 1905; Caroline's father
  • This could be another page signed by Caroline's sister Della Stein; has another name in different handwriting, possibly Vesta Frends
  • Effie Underwood of Edwardsport, Indiana, 1905
  • Ruth Waymier
Tucked inside the album:

Westphalia, Indiana

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  1. I believe the page only signed "sister" was written by Hilda Stein, not Della. Della was much older and had the better handwriting.

  2. Thanks for this clarification. I'll be amending the post with this and some other information that you've provided. Much appreciated!