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Photographs from Family of Frank L. & Mary Frances (Kidder) Robinson, Massachusetts

[Note of 1 May 2013: Please scroll down to the comments section for reader-supplied information on this family.]

Three photographs from the Frank Lolo Robinson and Mary Frances (Kidder) Robinson family of Massachusetts.  

The photograph above is of mother Mary Frances (Kidder) Robinson and daughters Ruth and Grace on the porch of their home, perhaps located at Winchester, Massachusetts, as suggested on the reverse, below:

I'd like to know more about Frank Lolo Robinson's involvement with the United States Marine Corps.

Shown in the photograph below is Mary Frances (Kidder) Robinson:

The person writing the identification information on reverse was her granddaughter:

Shown below is Harry Robinson, son of Frank Lolo Robinson and Mary Frances (Kidder) Robinson, along with a younger child, described on reverse as his niece Allisan or Allison.  

I'm confused by the identification of Harry as the identifier's uncle and Allisan as the identifier's sister.  From what I've found, Harry was the oldest child in the family, so a niece close to his age would be impossible unless there was an earlier sibling or half-sibling that I missed.  Perhaps a reader will come forth to clear up the mystery.

Frank Lolo Robinson was born 1 May 1858 at Norwich or Northfield, Vermont, the son of Ezekiel and Jane E. (possibly Brown) Robinson.

His paternal grandparents were David and Sarah (Denny) Robinson.  His maternal grandparents were Isaac W. and Sarah (Partridge) Brown.

On 22 September 1881, Frank Lolo Robinson married Mary Frances Kidder.  She was born about 1861 in Alabama, the daughter of John Francis Kidder.  On her marriage record, she listed Emma H. (possibly Burt) Kidder as her mother.  

However, I found some online references to her mother as Sarah Winn, a previous wife of John Francis Kidder.  Sarah Winn was the daughter of Noah and Deborah V. (Wallis) Winn.  Marriage records give Sarah's husband as Franklin Kidder, but the records have the parents right, and there was no other son with the name Franklin that I could find.  Another mystery...

John Francis Kidder, born at Medford, Massachusetts in 1827, was the son of John Russell Kidder and wife Sarah (Delano) Kidder.  If Emma H. Burt was indeed the mother of Mary Frances Kidder, I haven't been able to nail down her parents.

The children of Frank Lolo Robinson and Mary Frances (Kidder) Robinson that I've found:

  1. Harry Ezekiel Robinson, born 22 March 1886 at Boston, Massachusetts; m. 1) Ednah Gerrish Webber; 2) Bessie Mayberry Lovell
  2. Ruth Adeline Robinson, born 7 November 1893 at Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Grace May Robinson, born 21 December 1895, at Boston, Massachusetts
If you have any corrections or additions to the information presented here, or can clear up the mystery of the little girl Allisan or Allison, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Winchester, Massachusetts

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