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Autograph Album, Possibly of Coolidge Family of Jay, Maine

Autograph album with dates from 1902 to 1930, with pages signed by  Coolidge family members and four others, from the Jay, Maine, area.

The album measures approximately 6-1/2" x 4-1/4" and contains seven pages of handwriting.

There's a remembrance page at front, to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Coolidge, dated 1902.

I wonder if the couple remembered was Augustus Wyeth Coolidge and wife Julia (Norton) Coolidge of Livermore, Maine.  Augustus Wyeth Coolidge was born 10 May 1830, son of Thomas and Phebe (Paul) Coolidge, Massachusetts natives who had moved to Maine.

Augustus married Sarah Eastman Norton on 12 June 1854, according to a brief section on her father and mother, Warren and Sarah Almira (Pottle) Norton in A History of the Town of Industry: Franklin County, Maine, from the Earliest, by William Collins Hatch, 1893.

Augustus and Julia had two children:

  1. John Fremont Coolidge, born 23 October 1856 at Livermore, Maine; he married Hattie L. Knapp and had two sons with her: Samuel Wilson Coolidge and John Guy Coolidge.
  2. Myra Coolidge, born about August 1861; she married Ezra D. Thompson and had three children that I know of: Grace, Ruth and Augustus.
The next page in the album was signed by Alice Lucile Coolidge of North Jay, Maine, in 1929.  

Alice was born 9 December 1919 at Dixfield, Maine, the daughter of Adelbert C. and Lillian Alice (Simmons) Coolidge.  Alice was not a direct descendant of Augustus Wyeth Coolidge, at least not on the paternal side.

Alice signed another page in the album in 1930:

Alice father, Adelbert Clinton Coolidge, signed a page in the album in 1910.  He was born 9 March 1887 at Dixfield, Maine, son of Clinton Enoch Coolidge and wife Annie Mary (Porter) Coolidge, who were born at Errol, New Hampshire, and Andover, Maine, respectively.

Tena Belle Simmons of North Jay, Maine, who was the sister of Alice's mother Lillian (Simmons) Coolidge, signed a page in 1910.

Because Lillian (Simmons) Coolidge didn't sign a page, I wonder if the album were originally hers.  She was born 15 May 1888 at North Jay, Maine, daughter of Gilbert and Rose E. (Paine) Simmons, who were born in Canton, Maine, and Jay Bridge, Maine, respectively.

Other signers


Mina Belle Pomeroy:

Donnie E. Wright signed a page in 1930.

If you have corrections or additions to the information presented here, or insights into any of the signers, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

Back cover and spine

Map of the Jay, Maine area

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  1. I think you will find the A W Coolidge and wife here are Almon Warren Coolidge and Wife Rilla Brown coolidge who lived in East Dixfield Almon was the brother of Adelbert Clinton Coolidge and also the uncle of Alice Lucille Coolidge and the Janice I think is is Janice Foster Alice coolidges dau