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1887 autograph album of Charles L. Hardy of Lexington, Maine

Autograph album started in 1887 by Charles L. Hardy of Lexington, Maine.  It's a small one, with a lovely design of birds and a birdhouse on the cover.

The album is approximately 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" and contains 58 autograph of relatives and friends, as well as a Victorian scrap and the calling card of Charles' nephew, Liston Leroy Hardy.

Charles L. Hardy was born about 1873 at Lexington, Maine, the son of Warren and Lydia (Young) Hardy, who were born in Anson, Maine, and Embden, Maine, respectively.   Charles' mother and sister Flora signed pages on 24 January 1887.  If this album was a birthday gift, perhaps Charles was born on 24 January 1873.

Sadly, Charles died on 25 April 1893 at Concord, Maine, six years after starting his album.

Charles' mother Lydia signed a page in his album.

Charles paternal grandparents were Isaac and Polly (Jennings) Hardy.  His maternal grandparents were Jacob and Sarah (Towne) Young.

Charles' as yet unmarried sisters Flora Hardy and Phylona Hardy signed pages in his album.

Charles' married sister Nancy (Hardy) Dunton signed a page:

Charles' married sister Clara M. (Hardy) Parker signed a page, as did her husband Aaron:

Three women with the surname Young, who may have been related to Charles' mother Lydia (Young) Hardy, signed pages.  Lizzie called herself Charles' cousin.

Ann Young of Lexington, Maine:

Lizzie May Young of North New Portland, Maine:

Nellie M. Young of North New Portland, Maine:

At some point after Charles' death, the calling card of his nephew Liston Leroy Hardy found its way into the album:

If you have any corrections and/or additions to the information presented above, or insights regarding the people listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order: [Please note that some of the towns mentioned may have been where the person was at the time of signing rather than the actual residence.]

Oscar Aldrich of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Andrew M. Aldrich of Phillips, Maine
Dana Aldrich of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Lettice B. Allbee of Lexington, Maine, 1887
Charlie Blanchard of Phillips, Maine, 1889
M. Clifford Blanchard of Phillips, Maine, 1889
A. O. Blanchard of Phillips, Maine 1889
E. Clifford Butler of Avon, Maine, 1889
Mabel C. Chase of Lexington, Maine
Tennie M. Chase of Lexington, Maine
Edith T. Church of Phillips, Maine, 1889
E. C. Dill of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Nancy Dunton, nee Hardy, of Concord, Maine, sister, 1887
Guy Everett of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Harry Goodwin of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Arthur Graffam of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Ernest L. Haley of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Daisy Haley of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Charlie Hammons of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Bertie Harden of Phillips, Maine
Charles L. Hardy of Lexington, Maine, owner, 1887
Flora Hardy, sister, 1887
Lydia Hardy, nee Young, mother, 1887
Phylona A. Hardy of Concord, Maine, 1887
Liston Leroy Hardy, nephew, his calling card
Winnie M. Henderson of North New Portland, Maine, 1890
Lester A. Henderson, 1889
Ora Henderson of North New Portland, Maine, 1889
Abner T. Hinkley of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Noah Huff of Lexington, Maine, 1887
Miss Lillian B. Huff of Lexington, Maine, 1887
Nettie Hunter of Hampton, Illinois, 1889
Vinton Ross Hutchins of Lexington, Maine
Em Hutchins
Willie S. Kelley of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Marcia I. Kinney of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Mike J. Lynch of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Archie S. McKeen of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Clara M. Parker, 1887
Aaron Parker, brother in law, 1887
Nathaniel W. Parker of Phillips, Maine, 1888
Mason Parker of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Myrtie B. Pratt of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Lubert Pratt of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Charles Prescott of Phillips, Maine; middle initial could be L or S
Charlie Quimby of Phillips, Maine, 1888
Daniel J. Quimby of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Willie S. Skofield of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Clem M. Skofield of Phillips, Maine
Isaac Smith of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Lewis Soule of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Nettie M. Taylor of Lexington, Maine, 1887
R. E. Taylor of Byron, Maine
A. T. Wells of Phillips, Maine
Lillie Wells of Phillips, Maine
Willie C. Whitney of Phillips, Maine, 1889
Lizzie Mae Young of North New Portland, Maine, cousin
Ann Young of Lexington, Maine
Miss Nellie M. Young of North New Portland, Maine, 1887

Lexington, Maine

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  1. Pam, Thank you for posting this! It was such a surprise to see my 3rd- Great Grandmother's
    (Lydia Young Hardy)handwriting. I don't know much about my family history, but I am learning. My 2nd great uncle is Liston L. Hardy. What a lovely calling card. I would love to learn more about this autograph album and any other part of their history. Thank you so much!. Sincerely, Julie Nath

    1. Glad you happened by - and soon this will be in your hands!

  2. R. E. Taylor of Byron, ME is very likely Ruel Edward Taylor, b. 1 Jan 1870 in Byron, the son of Philand Delano Taylor and Addie V. Thompson. Ruel is my 2nd great-grandfather