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1878 Program for Concert at Maine Wesleyan and Female College, Kents Hill, Maine

1878 program for a concert by the Music Department of the Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College at Kents Hill in Readfield, Maine.

The program is comprised of a single sheet of paper, approximately 14" x 4-1/4" inches, folded once, into a final piece of 4 panes, approximately 7" x 4-1/4" each.  The back pane is blank.

The Maine Wesleyan Seminary was founded at Kents Hill, Maine, in 1824 by Luther Sampson, a Revolutionary war veteran who wished to provide an opportunity for others to enjoy the formal education he himself never had the chance to receive.  Eventually the Female College was added.  

Today the institution, still in operation, is known as Kents Hill School

Twenty-third Concert under the Direction of W. F. Morse, by the Music Department of the Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College at the Church, Wednesday Eve., June 5, 1878

Mrs. W. F. Morse, Contralto
Miss M. E. Bates, Soprano
Mr. W. F. Morse, Basso
Miss N. S. Robinson, Piano
Mrs. H. R. Goodwin, Piano

Morse Quartette

W. F. Morse, Violin
L. B. Hobbs, Viola
G. D. Whittier, Violin
E. H. Packard, Cello

Mozart Philharmonic Club

W. F. Morse, Director
D. M. Teague, Violin
G. D. Whittier, Violin
E. H. Packard, Basso
F. G. Butler, Flute
J. F. Blunt, Flute
L. B. Hobbs, Cornet
Miss N. S. Robinson, Mrs. W. F. Morse, Piano

Tickets 50 Cents - to be obtained at Post Office
Doors open at 7 o'clock.  Overture at 8 o'clock

Chronicle Press, Farmington

Part I
  1. Overture to Zampa........Herold; Philharmonic Club
  2. Glee - "Now tramp o'er Moss and Fell.....Bishop; Chorus
  3. Piano Solo - "The Brook".......Pape; Mrs. Goodwin
  4. Aria - "Song of the Sea Shell".....Keller; with Violin Obligato by Mr. Teague; Mrs. Morse
  5. Scherzo - from Sonata Op. 58........Volckmar; Morse Quartette
  6. Aria - "Amalia"........Millard; Miss Bates
  7. Quintette - "Tancredi".......Rossini; Morse Quartette and Mr. Teague 
  8. Song - "Only Waiting".....Packard; Mrs. Morse
  9. Descriptive Song - "Roll, Mighty Ocean".....Broad; Mr. Morse
  10. Trio - "Fantasia".............Mozart; Miss Robinson, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Morse

Part II
   11.  Overture to Spring......Packard; Philharmonic Club
   12.  Glee - "The Shower".....Perkins; Chorus
   13.  Piano Solo - "Last Hope".....Gottschalk; Miss Robinson
   14.  Waltz Song - "Bright Glowing Star"....Arditti; with Violin Obligato by Mr. Teague.  Miss Bates
   15.  Violin Trio - "Reverie"....Rosellen; Messrs Teague, Morse and Whittier
   16.  Duet - "Flow gently, Deva"....Glover; Miss Bates, Mrs. Morse
   17.  Serenade - "Abendammerung".....Meyer; Morse Quartette
   18.  Scena - "Miserere" from "Il Trovatore"....Verdi; Miss Bates, Mrs. Morse and Male Quartette
   19.  Extravaganza - "No"....Schwenseck; Miss Bates, Mr. Packard
20.  Overture - "Le Diadem"....Herman; Philharmonic Club

The Piano is from the Manufactory of Henry F. Miller, and the Organ from Geo. Woods & Co., Boston, Mass.

If you information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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