Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photograph of Allie Bragdon & Leander Briggs, by an Old Town, Maine studio

Late 1800s cabinet photograph of two men identified on reverse as Allie Bragdon and Leander Briggs.  The photograph was taken by the Howe studio of Old Town, Maine.

I'm not sure who Allie Bragdon and Leander Briggs were.  Allie's nickname could have come from Albert or Allan or Alison or the like.

As for Leander Briggs, I found an interesting comment online about a Leander Briggs born in Maine about 1901 - that he was born John Witham but was raised by the Briggs family and went by the name Leander Briggs unofficially.

The unofficial Leander Briggs was born too late to be the Leander in the photograph, but perhaps he was inspired by a real Leander in his adoptive family.

If you have any theories as to the identities of Allie Bragdon and Leander Briggs, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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