Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Presented in 1855 to Henrietta Bryant (Patterson) Johnson of Pembroke, Maine

Book presented to Mrs. Henrietta Johnson at Pembroke, Maine, by her friend M. M. Johnson on 2 August 1855.  

Mrs. Henrietta Johnson lived at Perry, Maine, but perhaps she was visiting at Pembroke, an abutting town, when the book was presented, or perhaps she lived at Pembroke for a time.

Approximately 6-1/4" x 4-1/4", and rather thick for its size, the book is titled Line Upon Line; or, A Second Series of The Earliest Religious Instruction The Infant Mind is Capable of Receiving; with Verses Illustrative of the Subjects, by the author of The Peep of Day, published by the American Tract Society, 150 Nassau Street, New York.



The last page contains a handwritten recipe for Currant Jelly and the name of Mrs. Nancy L. Gillis.

Henrietta Bryant Patterson was born 28 February 1832 at Perry, Maine, the daughter of Robert and Hannah (Johnson) Patterson, who were born in Henniker, New Hampshire and New Brunswick, Canada respectively.  Many online sources have Hannah's place of birth as Jonesboro, Maine, but Census records give New Brunswick. 

On 29 October 1851, Henrietta Bryant Patterson married Perez Hersey Johnson, born 9 March 1827 at Perry, Maine, the son of Oliver Shead Johnson and wife Elizabeth (Hersey) Johnson.  

Most sources give Elizabeth's maiden name as Hersey, and her parents as Perez and Catherine (Benner) Hersey, though the death record of Perez Hersey Johnson shows his mother's maiden name as Elizabeth M. Pottle, born at Pembroke, Maine.  

I found at least five children, all daughters, born to Perez Hersey Johnson and wife Henrietta Bryant (Patterson) Johnson, between 1853 and 1868, at Perry, Maine.  Henrietta died on 9 November 1892, and Perez on 27 January 1896, both at Perry, Maine.

If you have any corrections or insights regarding the Patterson and Johnson families of Perry, Maine, or Nancy L. Gillis, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!


  1. Henrietta is my great, great grandmother. I would like to find info on my family from that point in time to now to pass on to my children. Henrietta's daughter Jessie Johnson. (My great grand mother) married my great grand father , Gilman Frost. Their son Perley is my grandfather and he married Gladys Hausrath of Amityville NY. Their son Harold is my dad. He married Virginia Eckholm of Seattle Washington. (my mom). Jessie, Gilman, Perley, Gladys, Harold and Virginia are all buried in the same plot in Lakeview Cemetery in South Weymouth Mass. Please contact me at brifro@comcast .net if you can provide any info on my relatives. Thanks! Brian Frost of Stoughton Mass

  2. Thanks for commenting, Brian. I've sent you an email with some suggestions.