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Early 1900s Postcards sent to Irma Wells Thomas at Brewer, Maine

Moosehead Lake, Me. Mt. Kineo House

Interesting collection of early 1900s postcards that were sent to Irma Wells Thomas of Brewer, Maine, years before her marriage to John Littlefield in 1915.  

Reverse of the Mt. Kineo House postcard:

Irma was born about August 1891, give or take a year, at Central Valley, New York, while her father, the celebrated fly rod maker Fred E. Thomas, more well known as F. E. Thomas, was in New York to work for rod maker Hiram Leonard.   

Fred E. Thomas was born at Newburg, Maine, on 9 September 1854, son of James Thomas and, possibly, Mary J. (Philbrick) Thomas.  Learn more about Fred E. Thomas here.

Bay Street, Northport Camp Ground, Maine

 Irma's mother, Sarah (Earle) Thomas, was born at Turner, New York.  I don't have information on her parents.

Reverse of Northport Camp Ground postcard

The Mall, Brunswick, Maine

In 1898 the Thomas family moved to Brewer, Maine, where F. E. Thomas and his son, Leon J. Thomas, manufactured rods, first at Brewer, and later at Bangor, Maine, across the Penobscot River.

Reverse of the postcard showing the Mall at Brunswick, Maine

Skowhegan, Maine, Business Section, Water Street

On 1 July 1915 at Brewer, Maine, Irma Wells Thomas married John Littlefield, son of John Elmer Littlefield and Sarah Adeline (Bunker) Littlefield, who were born in Stockton Springs, Maine, and Brewer, Maine, respectively.

Reverse of postcard showing Skowhegan, Maine

John and Irma (Thomas) Littlefield settled at Brewer, Maine, and raised a family of at least two children, a son and a daughter.

Holyoke Street, Brewer, Maine

Their children:
  1. Sarah W. Littlefield, born about 1916 at Brewer, Maine
  2. John Thomas Littlefield, born 1917 at Brewer, Maine

If you have corrections or additions regarding the information presented here about the Thomas and Littlefield families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Main St., looking North, Waterville, Maine

Reverse of postcard showing Main Street, Waterville, Maine

Public Library, Waterville, Maine

Reverse of postcard of Public Library, Waterville, Maine

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