Thursday, May 3, 2012

1912 Photograph of an Outing to Bliss Island, New Brunswick, Canada

September 22,1912 photograph of an outing by boat past the cliffs of Bliss Island, which is located in Passamaquoddy Bay, near Deer Island and mainland St. George, New Brunswick, Canada.

Someone wrote North Perry under the photograph but crossed it out.  North Perry is on the US side of Passamaquoddy Bay; perhaps the group left from there or near there.

Because of the American flag and other photographs found with this one, I believe this is a group from Eastport, Maine out for a day of sightseeing in an area of stunning views of islands, coves, beaches and whales.  

The views from boat, car and ferry are still stunning one hundred years later.

Samuel Bliss, a Loyalist from Massachusetts, was given 500 acres in the area in 1784 and operated a farm on the island.  Read more here at the site.

Map of Bliss Island, New Brunswick:  zoom out a few clicks to see Passamaquoddy and Fundy Bays.

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