Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cabinet Photograph of Eugene Bachelder of Gardiner, Maine

Photograph of a young man identified on reverse as Eugene Bachelder; the photograph was taken by the McIntosh studio of Gardiner, Maine.

There were several Eugene Bachelders living in the Gardiner, Maine area.  

Three of them living in the Gardiner, Maine area were:
  1.   Eugene Bachelder, born in 1862
  2.   his son Eugene Earle Balchelder, born in 1889
  3.   Eugene Elwood Bachelder born in 1876   
And there may be one or more that I missed.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Eugene Bachelder (1) was born 10 March 1862 at Gardiner, Maine, son of Charles Albert Bachelder and wife Olive (Sprague) Bachelder.  His paternal grandparents were Abraham and Susanna (Young) Bachelder.  His maternal grandparents were Josiah and Abigail (Collins) Sprague.  

He married Ida Elnora Averill and raised a family of three children, including the aforementioned Eugene Earle Bachelder (2), born 11 September 1889.  Eugene Earle Bachelder married Geneva E. Harriman of Gardiner on 26 September 1918.

The third Eugene, Eugene Elwood Bachelder (3)was born 25 December 1876 at Gardiner, Maine, the son of Augustin W. and Annie L. (Bailey) Bachelder, who were each born in West Gardiner, Maine.  His paternal grandparents were Augustin and Nancy (Look) Bachelder.  I haven't yet found the parents of Eugene's mother, Annie L. Bailey.

Up to the time of the 1930 Census, Eugene Elwood Bachelder was living with his parents, sister and brother.  I'm not sure if he ever married.

If you have corrections to the above information or a guess as to the particular Eugene Bachelder pictured in the photograph, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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