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1887 Autograph Album of John Gaub of New Jersey

Autograph album given to John Gaub of Deans, New Jersey, at Christmas 1887.

The album is approximately 7" x 4" and contains eighteen pages signed by relatives and perhaps friends as well.  Ten of the pages are written in German.

From online research, hopefully correct:

John Gaub was born 25 January 1884 at New Brunswick, New Jersey, probably in the Deans section of New Brunswick.  His parents were William and Maria (Stadlinger) Gaub, born in Germany and New York, respectively.

I don't have the names of William Gaub's parents.  Maria (Stadlinger) Gaub's parents were Peter and Carolina (Hammel) Stadlinger, German immigrants to New York, who later moved to Deans, New Jersey, where they were active members of the German community there.

I believe John graduated from Rutgers University and became a chemical or civil engineer.  At some point he moved to Pennsylvania.  I found an unsourced reference to wife Elsie (Shaw) who died in 1925.

John Gaub's mother signed a page in his album.

John's sister Elsie C. Gaub signed a page in 1906.

John's brother William Gaub signed a page in 1906.

Four of John's mother's siblings signed pages in his album.  

John's uncle Charles H. Stadlinger of Deans, New Jersey, signed a page in 1889.

John's uncle Henry E. Stadlinger of Deans, New Jersey, signed a page in 1889.

John's aunt Johannah Stadlinger of Deans, New Jersey, signed a page in 1889.

John's aunt Rosie Stadlinger of Deans, New Jersey, signed a page in 1889.

John's uncle Peter Stadlinger, Jr., of Buffalo, New York, signed a page in 1891.

Of the pages written in German, which unfortunately I can't read, I believe two were signed by John's maternal grandparents, Peter and Carolina (Hummel) Stadlinger in 1889 at Deans, New Jersey.

Peter Stadlinger.

Carolina (Hammel) Stadlinger.

Other German signers.

Two pages contain unsigned sayings.

If you have any corrections to the information above or insights regarding the Gaub and Stadlinger families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Deans, New Jersey

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  1. This reminds me of one I purchased at an antique store. I used it for material in our society quarterly and would love to help it find its way home.

  2. If your society quarterly is online, maybe you could add a comment there that the album is available in case a descendant of the owner or a signer would want it. (Scan it first, because you know someone else will come along later on...)

    If not online, maybe you could feature it in a blog post?? Or mention it on some of the surname boards.

    Might take years before someone comes upon your note, so you would have to keep the album in a special, easily-remembered place. (I speak from experience - the experience of moving mountains of material looking for a needle, stored long ago, in a haystack.)