Friday, February 26, 2021

1894 to 1898 Booklets Detailing Road Repair Taxes for Townships in Aroostook County, Maine

1894 to 1898 booklets detailing the road repair taxes due from residents and non residents of townships in Aroostook County, Maine. 

Click here to see a map of the Townships in Aroostook County.

Some townships disappeared from the list in 1896 or later, perhaps as the State took over road repair. Some townships first appeared with the 1896 or later booklet, presumably as roads in more remote places were being created.

The names of residents for each township won't take the place of the burned 1890 US Federal Census records, but you might find clues. Bear in mind that of the residents mentioned, only the name of the actual owner appears, not the names of the entire household. And it's possible there were other households in the township not subject to taxation.

Townships included: (in progress: click on a township/name to see more detail)

1894, first and last pages

1895, first and last pages

1896, first and last pages

1897, first and last pages

1898, first and last pages

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