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Glenwood - Township 2 Range 3 WELS in Aroostook County - 1894-1898 Road Repair Tax

Road repair taxes for Glenwood, Maine - Township 2 Range 3 WELS,- in Aroostook County, as shown in 1894 to 1898 booklets detailing the sums due from residents and non residents of townships in Aroostook County, Maine. 

Click here to see a post that contains links to the 1894-1898 road repair taxes for other townships in Aroostook County.  Click here to see a map of the Townships in Aroostook County. 

 A list of those residents and non residents of Glenwood owing road repair taxes for the years 1894-1898 appears at the end of this post. Please leave a comment if you have information to share on any of these people. 

Note: This list won't take the place of the burned 1890 US Federal Census records, but it might provide clues. Bear in mind that of the residents mentioned, only the name of the actual owner appears, not the names of the entire household. And it's possible there were other households in the township not subject to taxation. 

Glenwood, Maine: 1894 road repair taxes

Glenwood, 1894, bottom 2/3 of left page; top part of right page

Glenwood, Maine: 1895 road repair taxes

Glenwood, 1895, bottom 2/3 of left page; top part of right page

Glenwood, Maine: 1896 road repair taxes

Glenwood, 1896, bottom of right page

Glenwood continued, 1896, top half+ of left page

Glenwood, Maine: 1897 road repair taxes

Glenwood, 1897, at bottom

Glenwood continued, 1897, continued, top 2/3 of left page

Glenwood, Maine: 1898 road repair taxes

Glenwood, bottom of page

Glenwood continued, top 3/4 of page

Names of residents and non residents of Glenwood owing road repair taxes from 1894 to 1898.

To be expended upon the county roads in said township; and William Thayer of said township
is appointed agent therefor.
1894Aaron Austinpart of 129$39.00$0.39
1894Warren BraunE half of 950$125.00$1.25
1894Frank BraunW half of 950$85.00$0.85
1894A. P. BrawnN half of 4431$55.00$0.55
1894" "part of 31$65.00$0.65
1894John Barrett62-63200$370.00$3.70
1894Leonard Carlpart of 1232$62.00$0.62
1894William H. Grantpart of 19100$210.00$2.10
1894Wilber GrantS half of 3050$130.00$1.30
1894A. H. Grant or unknownhalf of 3250$2.15$2.15
1894John Goss40100$200.00$2.00
1894Samuel Goss43100$375.00$3.75
1894Robert Jenkins1198$240.00$2.40
1894Charles Jenkinspart of 381/4$85.00$0.85
1894" "part of 1313$10.00$0.10
1894A. B. Jenkins39100$245.00$2.45
1894L. R. & L. K. Jenkins6195$225.00$2.25
1894James Heweypart of 870$115.00$1.15
1894F. H. Putnampart of 5750$290.00$2.90
1894" "part of 5676$114.00$1.14
1894T. J. Putnam5750$90.00$0.90
1894O. H. Plummer58100$215.00$2.15
1894A. B. Proutypart of 4470$195.00$1.95
1894M. J. Prouty7100$235.00$2.35
1894" "part of 5624$36.00$0.36
1894" "55100$226.00$2.26
1894Frank Prouty46-47200$595.00$5.95
1894W. H. Piercepart of 4515$82.00$0.82
1894J. E. Piercepart of 1363$150.00$1.50
1894J. F. Reed41-42200$375.00$3.75
1894Alonzo Springerpart of 1212$105.00$1.05
1894J. H. Sellershalf of 3245$170.00$1.70
1894William Thayer5100$340.00$3.40
1894George R. Twomblypart of 830$205.00$2.05
1894Horace Twombly38134-3/4$305.00$3.05
1894Elmer Richardson7170$125.00$1.25
1894Charles Scott3395$230.00$2.30
1894Joseph Whittier31115$304.00$3.04
1894Joseph Grant70100$90.00$0.90
1894J. D. Lane4875$65.00$0.65
1894Benjamin Simpsonpart of 3750$50.00$0.50
1894A. B. Proutypart of 4070$200.00$2.00
1894Asa Clifford or unknown50112$235.00$2.35
1894J. D. Clifford49100$185.00$1.85
1894Cain heirs76-77204$120.00$1.20
1894D. F. Davis or unknown10-12-60242$297.00$2.97
1894A. Thompson or unknown685$685.00$6.85
1894Eben W. Freeman14100$75.00$0.75
1894Gilpatrick & Bennett2-3-4312$1,600.00$16.00
1894D. F. Davis1775$100.00$1.00
1894N. D. Worster18100$330.00$3.30
1894Harry Guiou4584$200.00$2.00
1894G. W. Winship6100$190.00$1.90
1894C. H. Hathaway59110$110.00$1.10
1894E. W. Robinson21100$100.00$1.00
1894S. & J. Adams31 lots2845$2,133.00$21.33
1894M. A. Barker6976$76.00$0.76
1894Samuel SpinneyN half of 3050$75.00$0.75
1894Eastman heirs2098$160.00$1.60
1894C. O. Libbypart of 3750$150.00$1.50
1894J. D. Clifford1100$75.00$0.75
1894Engel, Wilson & Lumbert7035$7,035.00$70.35
1894" "2190$2,190.00$21.90
1894" "2700$2,700.00$27.00
18941894 Totals20,631$26,545.00$265.45
To be expended upon the county roads in said township; and William Thayer of said township
is appointed agent therefor.
1895Aaron Austinpart of 125$40.00$0.44
1895Frank Brawn9100$210.00$2.31
1895A. P. Brawnpart of 3-431$90.00$0.99
1895C. Bragg & Son43100$274.00$3.01
1895Charles Braggpart of 830$170.00$1.87
1895Leonard T. Carlpart of 1232$42.00$0.46
1895L. O. Carll60100$125.00$1.38
1895John Clarencepart of 3150$115.00$1.26
1895Joseph Grant7085$115.00$1.26
1895William H. Grant19100$200.00$2.20
1895A. H. Grantpart of 3250$250.00$2.75
1895Wilber Grantpart of 3050$110.00$1.21
1895John Goss40100$190.00$2.09
1895C. H. Jenkinspart of 38; all of 62 & 63201$335.00$3.69
1895L. R. & L. K. Jenkins61100$235.00$2.58
1895William Jenkins39100$225.00$2.47
1895Perry Jenkinspart of 38; all of 11163$390.00$4.29
1895M. J. Prouty7-55-56224$340.00$3.74
1895Joseph McPheters44100$200.00$2.20
1895James F. Reed41-42200$345.00$3.79
1895Charles Scott3596$240.00$2.64
1895S. Spinney18100$165.00$1.82
1895Joseph Sellershalf of 3245$150.00$1.65
1895Alonzo Springerpart of 1213$100.00$1.10
1895B. F. SimpsonS half of 3750$50.00$0.55
1895William Thayer5100$325.00$3.58
1895James Heweypart of 870$100.00$1.10
1895Elmer Richardsonpart of 770$125.00$1.37
1895George R. Twombly57100$360.00$3.96
1895S. & J. Adams2745$2,133.00$23.46
1895Asa Clifford50112$200.00$2.20
1895J. D. Clifford49100$200.00$2.20
1895D. F. Davispart of 10-12-102215$215.00$2.37
1895T. W. Baldwin or unknown685$685.00$7.53
1895Eben Freeman100$100.00$1.10
1895Engel, Lumbert & Wilson11,925$11,925.00$131.18
1895M. Johnsonpart of 58 and all of 45150$350.00$3.85
1895Town of Haynesville4875$85.00$0.94
1895Frank Gilman1775$75.00$0.82
1895Mary Barker6976$76.00$0.84
1895Nelson Woodbury or unknown21100$100.00$1.10
1895C. L. Hathaway59110$110.00$1.21
1895C. O. LibbyN 1/2 of 3750$50.00$0.55
1895Herman Fox6100$190.00$2.09
1895Eastman heirs2098$160.00$1.76
1895George Inman5850$115.00$1.27
1895H. M. Twombly38137$300.00$3.30
1895Frank Prouty46 and 47200$500.00$5.50
1895Gilpatrick & Co.324$1,405.00$15.46
1895Cain heirs76-77204$230.00$2.53
1895F. H. Putnam or unknownpart of 5676$100.00$1.10
1895Totals20, 409$25, 170$276.87
To be expended upon the county roads in said township; and Shepard C. Cummings of Haynesville
is appointed agent therefor.
1896Aaron Austinpart of 125$40.00$0.44
1896Frank Brawn9100$210.00$2.31
1896A. P. Brawnpart of 3-431$90.00$0.99
1896C. Bragg & Son43100$274.00$3.01
1896Charles Braggpart of 830$170.00$1.87
1896Leonard T. Carlpart of 1232$42.00$0.46
1896L. O. Carll60100$125.00$1.38
1896John Clarencepart of 3150$115.00$1.26
1896Joseph Grant7085$115.00$1.26
1896William H. Grant19100$200.00$2.20
1896A. H. Grantpart of 3250$250.00$2.75
1896Wilber Grantpart of 3050$110.00$1.21
1896John Goss40100$190.00$2.09
1896C. H. Jenkinspart of 38; all of 62 & 63201$335.00$3.69
1896L. R. & L. K. Jenkins61100$235.00$2.58
1896William Jenkins39100$225.00$2.47
1896Perry Jenkinspart of 38; all of 11163$390.00$4.29
1896M. J. Prouty7-55-56224$340.00$3.74
1896Joseph McPheters44100$200.00$2.20
1896James F. Reed41-42200$345.00$3.79
1896Charles Scott3596$240.00$2.64
1896S. Spinney18100$165.00$1.82
1896Joseph Sellershalf of 3245$150.00$1.65
1896Alonzo Springerpart of 1213$100.00$1.10
1896B. F. SimpsonS half of 3750$50.00$0.55
1896William Thayer5100$325.00$3.58
1896James Heweypart of 870$100.00$1.10
1896Elmer Richardsonpart of 770$125.00$1.37
1896George R. Twombly57100$360.00$3.96
1896S. & J. Adams2745$2,133.00$23.46
1896Asa Clifford50112$200.00$2.20
1896J. D. Clifford49100$200.00$2.20
1896D. F. Davispart of 10-12100$100.00$1.10
1896Engel, Lumbert & Wilson102115$115.00$1.27
1896T. W. Baldwin or unknown685$685.00$7.53
1896Eben Freeman100$100.00$1.10
1896Engel, Lumbert & Wilson11,925$11,925.00$131.18
1896M. Johnsonpart of 58 and all of 45150$350.00$3.85
1896Town of Haynesville4875$85.00$0.94
1896Frank Gilman1775$75.00$0.82
1896Mary Barker6976$76.00$0.84
1896C. F. Palmer or unknown21100$100.00$1.10
1896C. L. Hathaway59110$110.00$1.21
1896C. O. LibbyN 1/2 of 3750$50.00$0.55
1896Herman Fox6100$190.00$2.09
1896Eastman heirs2098$160.00$1.76
1896George Inman5850$115.00$1.27
1896H. M. Twombly38137$300.00$3.30
1896Frank Prouty46 and 47200$500.00$5.50
1896Mary Small31137$250.00$2.75
1896Gilpatrick & Co.324$1,405.00$15.46
1896Cain heirs76-77204$230.00$2.53
1896F. H. Putnam or unknownpart of 5676$100.00$1.10
18961896 Totals20, 409$25, 170$276.87
To be expended upon the county roads in said township; and Shepard C. Cummings of Haynesville
is appointed agent therefor.
1897Aaron Austinpart of 125$40.00$0.44
1897Frank Brawn9100$210.00$2.31
1897A. P. Brawnpart of 3-431$90.00$0.99
1897C. Bragg & Son43100$274.00$3.01
1897Charles Braggpart of 830$170.00$1.87
1897Leonard T. Carlpart of 1232$42.00$0.46
1897L. O. Carll60100$125.00$1.38
1897John Clarencepart of 3150$115.00$1.26
1897Joseph Grant7085$115.00$1.26
1897William H. Grant19100$200.00$2.20
1897A. H. Grantpart of 3250$250.00$2.75
1897Wilber Grantpart of 3050$110.00$1.21
1897John Goss40100$190.00$2.09
1897C. H. Jenkinspart of 38; all of 62 & 63201$335.00$3.69
1897L. R. & L. K. Jenkins61100$235.00$2.58
1897William Jenkins39100$225.00$2.47
1897Perry Jenkinspart of 38; all of 11163$390.00$4.29
1897M. J. Prouty7-55-56224$340.00$3.74
1897Joseph McPheters44100$200.00$2.20
1897James F. Reed41-42200$345.00$3.79
1897Charles Scott3596$240.00$2.64
1897S. Spinney18100$165.00$1.82
1897Joseph Sellershalf of 3245$150.00$1.65
1897Alonzo Springerpart of 1213$100.00$1.10
1897B. F. SimpsonS half of 3750$50.00$0.55
1897William Thayer5100$325.00$3.58
1897James Heweypart of 870$100.00$1.10
1897Elmer Richardsonpart of 770$125.00$1.37
1897George R. Twombly57100$360.00$3.96
1897S. & J. Adams2745$2,133.00$23.46
1897Asa Clifford50112$200.00$2.20
1897J. D. Clifford49100$200.00$2.20
1897D. F. Davispart of 10-12100$100.00$1.10
1897Engel, Lumbert & Wilson102115$115.00$1.27
1897T. W. Baldwin or unknown685$685.00$7.53
1897Eben Freeman100$100.00$1.10
1897Engel, Lumbert & Wilson11925$11,925.00$131.18
1897M. Johnsonpart of 58 and all of 45150$350.00$3.85
1897Town of Haynesville4875$85.00$0.94
1897Frank Gilman1775$75.00$0.82
1897Mary Barker6976$76.00$0.84
1897C. F. Palmer or unknown21100$100.00$1.10
1897C. L. Hathaway59110$110.00$1.21
1897C. O. LibbyN 1/2 of 3750$50.00$0.55
1897Herman Fox6100$190.00$2.09
1897Eastman heirs2098$160.00$1.76
1897George Inman5850$115.00$1.27
1897H. M. Twombly38137$300.00$3.30
1897Frank Prouty46 and 47200$500.00$5.50
1897Mary Small31137$250.00$2.75
1897Gilpatrick & Co.324$1,405.00$15.46
1897Cain heirs76-77204$230.00$2.53
1897F. H. Putnam or unknownpart of 5676$100.00$1.10
18971896 Totals20, 409$25, 170$276.87
To be expended upon the county roads in said township; and Shepard C. Cummings of Haynesville
is appointed agent therefor.
1898F. A. Braun9100$205.00$3.08
1898Charles W. Bragg43, 8130$328.00$4.92
1898John Clarence3050$192.00$2.88
1898L. T. Carll38137$236.00$2.34
1898L. O. Carll12, 60105$156.00$1.29
1898G. W. Carll1213$86.00$1.29
1898William H. Grantpart of lot 1943$91.00$1.37
1898Wilber Grantpart of lot 3050$142.00$2.13
1898A. H. Grantpart of 3250$227.00$3.40
1898Lester Grant7085$171.00$2.57
1898John Goss4095$204.00$3.06
1898C. H. Jenkins62 & 63251$346.00$5.19
1898L. B. Jenkins6195$149.00$2.23
1898Orville Jenkins11100$225.00$3.37
1898William Jenkinspart of lot 12, 39110$207.00$3.10
1898A. V. Jenkinslot 3863$119.00$1.79
1898W. J. Prouty55, 56224$400.00$6.00
1898J. F. Reed41100$225.00$3.37
1898Wellman Reed42100$125.00$1.88
1898Samuel Spinney18100$195.00$2.93
1898Joseph Sellerspart of 3245$116.00$1.74
1898Benjamin Simpsonpart of 3750$62.00$0.93
1898Charles Scott3596$190.00$2.85
1898A. G. Springerpart of 5850$122.00$1.83
1898G. R. Twombly57100$250.00$3.75
1898R. C. Thayer5, 31231$329.00$4.94
1898Charles Travispart of lot 1943$91.00$1.37
1898S. & J. Adams¹2745$2,133.00$32.00
1898John Clifford49185$200.00$3.00
1898Asa Clifford50112$190.00$2.85
1898Cain heirs76-77204$204.00$3.06
1898T. W. Baldwin685$685.00$10.28
1898D. F. Davis, heirs²190$190.00$2.85
1898Eben Freeman14100$100.00$1.50
1898Engel & Lumbert³13,250$14,115.00$211.73
1898Town of Haynesville4995$125.00$1.87
1898James Henry870$110.00$1.65
1898Frank Gilman heirs1775$75.00$1.12
1898Mary Barker6976$76.00$1.14
1898C. F. Palmer21100$100.00$1.50
1898J. W. Porter59100$100.00$1.50
1898Freeman Fox6100$100.00$1.50
1898Eastman heirs or unknown2079$79.00$1.18
1898Frank Prouty46, 47200$425.00$6.37
1898M. Johnson45, 71, 58220$450.00$6.75
1898A. B. Prouty4470$185.00$2.77
1898Barney Fitzpatrickpart of lots 3 and 4431$100.00$150.00
18981898 Totals21,303$24,931.00$373.97

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