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Hammond Plantation, Range 2 WELS in Aroostook County, Maine - 1896 to 1898 Road Repair Taxes

Hammond Plantation, Maine, in Range 2 WELS in Aroostook County - 1896-1898 road repair taxes.

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Lists of those residents and non residents of Hammond Plantation, Range 2, WELS, owing road repair taxes for the years 1896-1898 appears at the end of this post. 

Please leave a comment if you have information to share on any of these people.

This list won't take the place of the burned 1890 US Federal Census records, but it might provide clues. Bear in mind that of the residents mentioned, only the name of the actual owner appears, not the names of the entire household. And it's possible there were other households in the township not subject to taxation.




Names of residents and non residents of Hammond Plantation, Range 2, WELS in Aroostook County, Maine:

To be expended upon the county road in said township; and
George W. Carpenter of said township, is appointed agent therefor.
1896George W. Carpenter24550$570.00$2.28
1896T. J. Carpenter23287-1/2$680.00$2.72
1896William N. Carpenter24550$480.00$1.92
1896Harriet H. Carpenter24785$175.00$0.70
1896" "24650$215.00$0.86
1896George N. Crawford243100$780.00$3.12
1896J. W. Davidson23385$800.00$3.20
1896Frank Fitzpatrick168100$400.00$1.60
1896" "18150$200.00$0.80
1896James A. Fitzpatrick194100$375.00$1.50
1896Andrew Gardner217100$527.00$2.10
1896" "23050$263.00$1.05
1896Frank A. Hammond23160$600.00$2.40
1896George C. Jameson23050$480.00$1.92
1896Frank G. McConnell23485$315.00$1.26
1896" "23315$60.00$0.24
1896Anthony McLean18150$315.00$1.26
1896Michael Rugan244100$675.00$2.70
1896John S. Snell23140$180.00$0.72
1896Luther Snell, estate of24675$585.00$2.34
1896Charles W. Stevens23212-1/2$135.00$0.54
1896Daniel P. Sullivan219100$810.00$3.24
1896James P. Sullivan, estate of220100$300.00$1.20
1896James Cameron237100$450.00$1.80
1896Andrew D. Gardner23682$450.00$1.80
1896Thomas Stewart235100$400.00$1.60
1896" "23618$50.00$0.20
1896William C. Donnell775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1896Ansel L. Lumbert775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1896Frederic A. Powers775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1896Frank W. Titcomb4402$6,603.00$26.41
1896John Hodgdon, heirs of6603$9,904.00$39.62
1896J. C. Madigan, heirs of6603$9,904.00$39.62
To be expended upon the county road in said township; and
George W. Carpenter of said township, is appointed agent therefor.
1897George W. Carpenter24550$570.00$2.28
1897T. J. Carpenter23287-1/2$680.00$2.72
1897William N. Carpenter24550$480.00$1.92
1897Harriet H. Carpenter24785$175.00$0.70
1897Harriet H. Carpenter24650$215.00$0.86
1897George N. Crawford243100$780.00$3.12
1897J. W. Davidson23385$800.00$3.20
1897Frank Fitzpatrick168100$400.00$1.60
1897Frank Fitzpatrick18150$200.00$0.80
1897James A. Fitzpatrick194100$375.00$1.50
1897Andrew Gardner217100$527.00$2.10
1897Andrew Gardner23050$263.00$1.05
1897Frank A. Hammond23160$600.00$2.40
1897George C. Jameson23050$480.00$1.92
1897Frank G. McConnell23485$315.00$1.26
1897Frank G. McConnell23315$60.00$0.24
1897Anthony McLean18150$315.00$1.26
1897Michael Rugan244100$675.00$2.70
1897John S. Snell23140$180.00$0.72
1897Luther Snell, estate of24675$585.00$2.34
1897Charles W. Stevens23212-1/2$135.00$0.54
1897Daniel P. Sullivan219100$810.00$3.24
1897James P. Sullivan, estate of220100$300.00$1.20
1897James Cameron237100$450.00$1.80
1897Andrew D. Gardner23682$450.00$1.80
1897Thomas Stewart235100$400.00$1.60
1897Thomas Stewart23618$50.00$0.20
1897William C. Donnell775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1897Ansel L. Lumbert775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1897Frederick A. Powers775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1897Frank W. Titcomb4402$6,603.00$26.41
1897John Hodgdon, heirs of6603$9,904.00$39.62
1897J. C. Madigan, heirs of6603$9,904.00$39.62
To be expended upon the county road in said township; and
George W. Carpenter of said township, is appointed agent therefor.
1898George W. Carpenter24550$625.00$2.50
1898T. J. Carpenter23287-1/2$670.00$2.68
1898William N. Carpenter24550$515.00$2.06
1898Harriet H. Carpenter24785$175.00$0.70
1898Harriet H. Carpenter24650$240.00$0.96
1898George N. Crawford, estate of243100$715.00$2.86
1898J. H. DavidsonN 1/2 Lot 21750$200.00$0.80
1898John W. Davidsontract off 23385$810.00$3.24
1898Frank Fitzpatrick168100$300.00$1.20
1898Frank FitzpatrickW 1/2 of 18150$275.00$1.10
1898James A. Fitzpatrick194100$575.00$2.30
1898Andrew GardnerS 1/2 of 21750$280.00$1.12
1898Andrew GardnerW 1/2 of 23050$275.00$1.10
1898Frank A. Hammond23160$620.00$2.48
1898George C. Jameson23050$470.00$1.88
1898Frank G. McConnell23485$515.00$2.06
1898Frank G. McConnelltract off NE cor 23365$50.00$0.20
1898Anthony McLean1/2 of lot 18150$250.00$1.00
1898Michael Rugan244100$750.00$3.00
1898John S. Snell23140$175.00$0.70
1898Luther Snell, estate of24675$550.00$2.20
1898Charles W. Stevens23212-1/2$200.00$0.80
1898Daniel P. Sullivan219100$750.00$3.00
1898James P. Sullivan, estate of220100$375.00$1.50
1898Thomas Steward235100$350.00$1.40
1898Thomas Steward23618$50.00$0.20
1898Llewellyn Powers or unknown237100$425.00$1.70
1898F. W. Titcomb23682$300.00$1.20
1898William C. Donnell1/3 of 2326 a.775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1898Ansel L. Lumbert1/3 of 2326 a.775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1898Frederic A. Powers1/3 of 2326 a.775-1/3$1,163.00$4.65
1898Llewellyn Powers1/4 of 17,608 a.4402$6,603.00$26.41
1898John Hodgdon, heirs of6603$9,904.00$39.62
1898J. C. Madigan, heirs of6603$9,904.00$39.62
¹ Unknown, lots 215, 216, 218, 221, 228, 229, 241, 242

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