Wednesday, November 11, 2020

CDV of an Older Man IDed as Samuel Hawkes; by the Phillips studio of Lynn, Massachusetts

Carte de Visite/CDV of Samuel Hawkes, "Great Uncle"; by the Phillips studio of 27-1/2 Market Street, Lynn, Massachusetts.

Samuel may have been Samuel Hawkes (1816-1903), born 4 December 1816 at Lynn, Massachusetts, son of Abijah Hawkes, or Ahijah Hawkes, and Theodate (Pratt) Hawkes, "Daty".  

The man in the CDV does in fact resemble the man whose image appears in the linked wikipedia entry. Further, this Samuel had siblings, some of whom had children, so he may well have been a "Great Uncle".

The 1898 Register of the Lynn Historical Society contains a several page biography of Samuel Hawkes (1816-1903).

If you recognize Samuel from your family photographs or research or if you feel that Samuel was another Samuel Hawkes, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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