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Bible of John Hilliard Hill (1845-1927) and Sarah Jane (Robbins) Hill (1841-1931) of Randolph County, New Carolina

Family Bible of John Hilliard Hill (1845-1927) and Sarah Jane (Robbins) Hill (1841-1931) of Randolph County, North Carolina.  The Bible contains a few items tucked in, including a letter to Sarah from her niece Lura Elma (Robbins) Baker (1882-1957).

Sarah wrote her name on an end paper in 1895.

The Bible was printed in 1881. After acquiring it, either John or Sarah then wrote in the dates of birth of themselves and their children.
Pages with birth and death information:

The handwriting is difficult to read. Online research shows the names are as follows:



Tucked in the Bible is a letter from Sarah Jane (Robbins) Hill's niece, Lura Elma (Robbins) Baker (1882-1957) on behalf of her father, Sarah's brother Jacob Robbins (1849-1930).  The birth record referenced in the letter is not enclosed, but perhaps it is the same as in the Bible.

June 21, 1926
R#2 Box 36
Trinity N.C.

Dear Aunt Jane:
Dad wanted me to write you a few lines this morning and send you a copy of the old family birth record. have been intending to do this for some time but just put it off from time to time. This leaves us all well at present. Dad is not very well, has been wanting to come to see you but hasn't felt like it. he is anxious to know how you are getting on. So he said tell you to be sure and write him as soon as you get this and let him know how you are. hope you are all well. give my love to the family and tell them I often think of you all.
With love from your niece
Lura Baker

Two of the other items tucked in the Bible:

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