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Calling Cards of 8 Members of the Morrill Families of Belmont, Maine; part of larger Collection of 42 of Area People

Calling cards of 8 members of the Morrill families of Belmont, Maine, part of a collection of 42 calling cards, from 31 different people from Waldo County, Maine.  

An alphabetical list of all 31 people appears at the end of this post.

The calling card of Clara F. Morrill (1853-1938), who would marry William McKinney, appears at top. She wrote "Belmont Me." on the reverse.

Also in the collection are 8 sample cards showing different options in fonts, embossing, beveling, etc.

The 8 people with the surname Morrill in the collection were the children of three brothers

  • Herbert E. Morrill and H. E. Morrill - Herbert E. Morrill (1861-1936) - 2 cards
  • John C. Morrill and J. C. Morrill John Chandler Morrill (1862-1945)  - 2 cards
  • Henry Morrill - presumably Henry Robert Morrill (1867-1942)
  • Jennie F. Morrill - Jennie F. Morrill (1870-1956); would marry Charles H. Pike  and Fred Allen Schofield.  Three cards

  • Child of Albert Morrill (abt 1830-) and Harriet K. (Greer) Morrill (abt 1826-1916):

    Child of Charles P. Morrill (1838-1923) [misindexed as Charles B. Morrill] and Lucinda P. (Higgins) Morrill (1839-1913):
    One of the two calling cards of John Chandler Morrill (1882-1945) had his name hidden, assuming J. C. Morrill was John Chandler Morrill.

    If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Alphabetized list of calling card owners in the collection of 42:
    • C. R. Andrews.  Perhaps Charles R. Andrews (1858-1933) of Belmont, Maine. 
    • Mrs. Louisa Arnold. Presumably Louisa L. (Boynton) Arnold (abt 1833-1911, wife of William E. Arnold (-1868). They married in 1849 at Belfast, Maine. Louisa may have later married Samuel Pierce of Bangor. 
    • Mrs. Alice Greer CobbAlice A. (Greer) Cobb (1864-1929). Was married to Asa S. Cobb, but it appears they divorced as they're living in different towns as shown on the marriage record of their son Gilbert Cobb. 
    • Henry H. Cobbett, Job Printer, Progressive Age Office, Belfast, Maine.  Henry H. Cobbett (abt 1850-1898). His obituary
    • Edgar D. Crockett. Edgar David Crockett (1865-1911) of Maine and Rhode Island
    • Phelia E. Donnell. Phelia E. Donnell (1860-1893) of Searsmont and Belmont; would marry Austin A. Greer.  
    • Gilbert R. Ellis of Belfast, Maine. Possibly Gilbert Randall Ellis (1855-1915), who is buried in Morrill, Maine. 
    • Wm. M. Greer. William M. Greer (1863-1883) of Belmont, Maine. 
    • Hattie M. Hook. Presumably the Harriet M. Hook (1870-1950), who would marry Walter S. Poland.  
    • Millie M. Hook. Presumably Mildred M. Hook (1872-1947), who married Charles G. Hemenway. Nellie A. Hopkins
    • Miss Ellen D. Hunt. Presumably Ellen D. Hunt (1854-1902).  
    • Margie T. Husted, 221 Putnam Ave.
    • Wayland Knowlton, City Editor of "The Belfast Age" at Belfast, Maine.  Wayland Knowlton (1846-1916).  
    • Henry Marriner.  Perhaps Henry Wadsworth Mariner (abt 1863-1944) or his uncle Ship Carpenter Henry Wadsworth Marriner (1841-1913) 
    • Abbie A. MorrillAbbie Almina Morrill (1873-1927) of Belmont, Maine2 calling cards; she would marry Herman Merriam. 
    • Annie A. Morrill - Annie A. Morrill (1876-1961) of Belmont, Maine. She would marry Carroll Alfred Thompson. 
    • Clara F. Morrill - Clara F. Morrill (1853-1938), 2 calling cards; would marry William McKinney.
    • Georgia A. Morrill. Presumably Georgianna Morrill (1860-1879) of Belmont, Maine. 
    • Henry Morrill. Presumably Henry Robert Morrill (1867-1942), native of Belmont, Maine. 
    • Herbert E. Morrill - Herbert E. Morrill (1861 CA -1936 ME). Two calling cards
    • Jennie F. Morrill - Jennie F. Morrill (1870-1956), 3 calling cards; she would marry Charles H. Pike (1861-1901) and Fred Allen Schofield (1876-1967). 
    • John C. Morrill - John Chandler Morrill (1882 CA - 1945 ME) of Belmont, Maine.  Two calling cards. 
    • Etta J. Murch. Presumably the Etta J. Murch (abt 1866-bef 1900), who married Llewellyn W. Gray
    • B. F. Neal, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, Elm House, Lincolnville, Maine.  Dr. Benjamin Franklin Neal (1853 ME -1931 NY).  More information here  
    • John H. Ripley
    • Faustina Shirley. Presumably the Faustina Shirley (1853-1946) who became the second  wife of Reuel Kent Roberts  of Vinalhaven, Maine
    • Maude F. Shirley.  Presumably Maude F. Shirley (abt 1875-1895) who was born on Vinalhaven Island about 1875 and died there in 1895, daughter of William Shirley and Ella (Orne) Shirley and niece of inscriber Faustina Shirley. 
    • Frank K. Smith
    • Frank A. Wagner. Possibly Frank A. Wagner (abt 1859 or 1862-1900), who married Augusta Ella C. Moore in 1879 at Belfast, Maine.
    • Miss Carrie E. Wentworth. Presumably the Carrie E. Wentworth (about 1863-) who married carpenter  and town clerk Edmund Brewster

    Notice the town of Morrill just north of Belmont.

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