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1909-1912 Student Roster & Visitor Log of Teacher Idella F. Gray at Schools in Orrington, Hebron, Medford, Peru & Bradford, Maine.

1909-1912 student roster and visitor log of teacher Idella F. Gray at schools in several towns in Maine:
  • Goodale's Corner, Orrington, Maine
  • Hebron, Maine
  • Upper Ferry, Medford, Maine
  • Peru Center, Peru, Maine
  • Bradford Center, Maine
Idella wrote her name on the first end paper.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Idella F. Gray (1892-1991) was born 27 June 1892 at Bucksport, Maine, the daughter of George W. Gray and Emma (Grindle) Gray.  Accordingly to the US Censuses, Idella lived with her parents in Bucksport and in Orrington, Maine, and then went to Hebron in 1910 to teach. After that came teaching stints in the Maine towns of Medford, Peru and Bradford

On 4 December 1916 at Bradford, Maine, Idella was married to Ray Earl King (1894-1874), son of Charles Henry King and Louise H. (Salley) King. Ray was born 6 February 1894 at Bradford. 

Idella and Ray lived with Ray's parents at Bradford, Maine, where Ray farmed and Idella, according to the 1920 and 1930 Censuses, continued to teach school.  I didn't find a record of children for the couple.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above or information on any of the visitors and students listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Sample pages:

Note: Lists have been put in alphabetical order

Goodale's Corner, Orrington, Maine
Visitors; 1909

Goodale's Corner, Orrington, Maine
Students; 1909

*"Neither absent or tardy for the term"


Hebron, Maine

Visitors; Winter Term of 1909-1910

Hebron, Maine

Students; Winter Term of 1909-1910

Hebron, Maine

Visitors; Spring Term of 1910

Hebron, Maine

Students; Spring Term of 1910


Upper Ferry, Medford, Maine
Visitors; Fall term 1910
  • Mrs. John Hathorn  - perhaps Sarah Lelia (Emery) Hathorn (1890-1961), "Sadie", wife of John Herbert Hathorn
  • G. W. Hopkins, Supt. (two visits) - perhaps George W. Hopkins (1873-1946)
  • Katherine Joslin 
  • Myrtle Spaulding

Upper Ferry, Medford, Maine
Students; Fall term 1910

Upper Ferry, Medford, Maine
Visitors; Winter Term 1910

Upper Ferry, Medford, Maine
Students, 8 wk Winter Term 1910

Peru Center, Peru, Maine
Visitors; 11 wks Spring term, 1911

Peru Center, Peru, Maine
Students, 11 wks Spring term, 1911

Peru Center, Peru, Maine
Visitors; Fall Term 1911

Peru Center, Peru, Maine
Students; Fall 1911


Bradford Center, Maine
Students; 11 wk Spring term, 1912
  • Chauncey C. Coy, age 14 - if you have information on Chauncey, please leave a comment
  • Florence D. Fletcher, age 12 - Florence D. Fletcher (1899-1991), who would marry Lavern Clifton Smith

After the visitor and student entries, many pages are blank, until pages 63-78, where Idella jotted down notes and techniques.

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