Saturday, November 28, 2020

1835 Starks, Maine - Highway Tax Assessment by Elijah Waugh naming 13 Men, signed by 2 Additional Assessors.


A document describing the Highway taxes assessed to 13 residents of Starks, Maine, presented to Surveyor Elijah Waugh by Assessors James Varnum, Stephen Greenleaf and Stephen Williamson

The document measures just shy of 12" by 8".

See another document where Elijah Waugh was the defendant in 1836 against a complaint of trespass lodged by James Varnum. Waugh was ordered to appear at the dwelling-house in Norredgewock, Maine, of William Allen, Jr., Justice of the Peace.

The tax could be abated by the men's labor on the highway, with the value of their labor and that of any oxen, plows and carts spelled out in the document.

The 13 residents, not in alphabetical order.

If you have information on any of the men listed above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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