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1916/1917 Year Book of the Woman's M.P.M. Club of Brewer, Maine; Names of Members since founding in 1894, including those Deceased


1916/1917 Year Book of the Woman's M.P.M. Club in Brewer, Maine; organized in 1894, and containing names of current and former members, including those deceased since the founding.

If you know the unabbreviated name of the organization, please leave a comment - thanks.

The title page has the same wording as the front cover.

Officers for the present term
President - Miss Alice M. Farrington
Vice President - Mrs. Josephine J. Curtis
Secretary and Treasurer - Miss Jennie L. Farrington
Critic - Mrs. Clara A. Harlow

Programme Committee
Mrs. Emma A. Burr
Mrs. Emma F. Currier
Mrs. Josephine L. Curtis
Miss Jennie L. Farrington

Animals of Maine - Mrs. Cary
Mississippi River - Mrs. McMahon
The Stranger Within Our Gates - Mrs. Hall
Present Day Uses of Electricity - Mrs. Lou S. Harlow

Women and the War - Mrs. Kenney
Lecture on Browning - Mrs. J. A. Thompson
How the World is Fed - Mrs. Brown
Philanthropy - Mrs. Clara A. Harlow
A Winter in Florida - Mrs. Thomas

Municipal Civics - Mrs. Mary A. Burr
Early History of South America, Brazil - Miss Holmes
Argentina - Mrs. Woodbury

Paraguay and Uruguay - Mrs. Holyoke
Chili [sic] - Fauna and Flora of South America - Mrs. Croxford
Bolivia, the Guianas, Christmas in Latin America - Mrs. Swett
Past, Present and Future Relations between the United States and South America - Mrs. Laura N. Floyd
An Afternoon with Kipling - Miss Alice M. Farrington
Current Literature of the Day - Mrs. Cousins
An Afternoon with Shubert - Mrs. Gardiner
Present Day Problems and their Solutions - Mrs. Farrington

Current Events - Miss Fling
William Wordsworth - Mrs. Margaret Floyd

Roll of Members
Mrs. Effie M. Brown
Mrs. Emma A. Burr
Mrs. Mary A. Burr
Mrs. Kate G. Cary
Mrs. Ella M. Cousins
Mrs. Flora M. Croxford
Mrs. Emma F. Currier
Mrs. Josephine J. Curtis
Mrs. Sarah B. Farrington
Miss Alice M. Farrington
Miss Jennie L. Farrington
Miss Mary F. Fling
Mrs. Laura N. Floyd
Mrs. Margaret G. Floyd
Mrs. Catherine R. Gardiner
Mrs. Addie A. Hall
Mrs. Clara A. Harlow
Mrs. Lou S. Harlow
Miss Annie B. Holmes
Mrs. Annette L. Holyoke
Mrs. Fannie E. Kenney
Mrs. Agnes L. McMahon
Mrs. Lydia B. Swett
Mrs. Mary E. Thomas
Mrs. E. Estelle Woodbury

Associate Members
Mrs. Mertie M. Curtis
Mrs. Fannie H. Eckstorm
Mrs. Laura J. Holmes
Mrs. Susan M. Hook
Mrs. Kate Hutchings
Mrs. Hattie C. Royal

Honorary Members
Mrs. Mary Agnes Merrill
Mrs. Emma F. Hardy
Mrs. Grace S. B. Morse

In Memoriam
'99  Miss Clara E. Farrington
'99  Miss Jane H. Farrington
'01  Mrs. Jane M. Holyoke
'06  Mrs. Ada M. Crocker
'07  Mrs. Lizzie S. Tefft
'11  Mrs. Alma M. Gordon
'13  Mrs. Anne B. Holbrook
'15  Mrs. Mary E. Gilman
'16  Miss Lucy P. Fling
'18  Mrs. Mary G. Barker 

If you have information on any of these women, or if you know what M.P.M. stands for, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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