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Family Bible of George and Adeline (Emery) Morang of Eastport, Maine

Family Bible of George Morang and wife Adeline (Emery) Morang of Eastport, Maine.

The Bible, which measures approximately 7" by 4-1/2", was printed in 1853 by the American Bible Society at New York, New York.  It has four records pages sandwiched between the Old and New Testaments, with three of the pages containing handwritten entries.

Entries on the page above, with some information written at a later date:

  • George Morang, born April 17, 1829 [the 17 is struck over, with the digit 5 written above it, so he was born, presumably, on April 5, 1829
  • Adeline Emery, born February 19, 1827
  • William E. Morang, born July 21, 1850 at Eastport, Maine; died June 29, 1887.  William Emery Morang graduated from Colby College and became president of Roger Williams University at Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Mary A. Morang, born May 13, 1853 at Eastport, Maine; died November 20, 1878.  Mary Augusta Morang married penmanship instructor George W. Davenport, who I'm presuming was a professor at the normal school at Farmington, Maine.
  • Cora B. Morang, born March 23, 1855 at Eastport, Maine; died January 29, 1906.  Cora Bell Morang married Edgar Warner Ross.
  • Franklin Morang, born July 8, 1857 at Eastport, Maine.  Franklin S. Morang, who died October 17, 1913 at Eastport, Maine.
  • Francis A. Morang, born June 6, 1859 at Eastport, Maine; died March 2, 1877 [The Bible entry looks like 1876 with possibly a strikeover in the last digit to 1877]  She was Frances Amelia Morang, a daughter, not a son.  A Find-a-Grave listing mentions that she graduated from the normal school at Farmington, Maine and had at least some time in her short life to teach; she must have entered normal school at a young age.
  • George N. Morang, born March 10, 1866 at Eastport, Maine; died at Toronto, Ontario.  George Nathaniel Morang II married Sophie Langworthy Heaven.  He died October 5, 1937. 
  • Addie E. Morang, born April 20, 1868 at Eastport, Maine; died April 25, 1944 at Boston, Massachusetts

The entry on the page above refers to the marriage of George and Emeline (Emery) Morang:
  • Married October 23, 1849 at Eastport, Maine, by Rev. Kendall Brooks
From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

George Nathaniel Morang was born April 5, 1829, the son of Luke and Mary Ann (Folsom) Morang.  On October 23, 1849, George married Adeline Emery, daughter of Henry Tilton Emery and Mercy E. (Stover) Emery; she was born February 19, 1827 at Deer Island, New Brunswick.  

George Morang died on September 13, 1890 at Eastport, Maine, and Adeline (Emery) Morang on November 20, 1914, also at Eastport.

Find-a-Grave listings for George, Adeline and their children contain additional information gleaned from their obituaries.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Eastport, Maine is located on Moose Island.  Deer Island, across the border into Canada, is the larger island to the north.

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