Tuesday, December 29, 2015

1930 Photograph of the Bishop Sisters of Chester, Connecticut: Isabel Bishop; Marjorie Frances Bishop; Betty May Bishop

1930 Photograph of the Bishop Sisters of Chester, Connecticut.  Left to right:  Betty May Bishop; Marjorie Frances Bishop; Isabel Bishop.

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The sisters were the daughters of Oliver Raymond Bishop and Emma (Klein) Bishop.   The eldest, Isabel Bishop, was born November 11, 1811 in Connecticut.  I believe she married Howard Nelson Arnold.

Middle sister Marjorie Frances Bishop was born June 27, 1914 at Chester, Connecticut.  She died in 2003 and was still using her maiden name, so perhaps she never married.

Youngest sister Betty May Bishop was born September 25, 1921 at Meriden, Connecticut.  She married F. Clark Laurie, who became an officer at Utica College.  Betty May died in 2005 at Utica, New York.

I believe that Isabel and Marjorie attended Connecticut College; and Betty May attended Duke University at Durham, North Carolina.

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