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c1910 Photograph Album, Presumably Owned by the Family of Frank Lawrence Sinnott and Cora Adella (Perry) Sinnott of Marshfield, Massachusetts

c1910 photograph album that belonged, presumably, to the family of Frank Lawrence Sinnott and Cora Adella (Perry) Sinnott of Marshfield, Massachusetts.    Frank was a native of Duxbury, Massachusetts; Cora, of Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

The album measures approximately 5-1/2" by 4-1/2" and contains 43 photographs and evidence of several others that are now missing.  Most of the photographs are not identified as to people or places.  Places mentioned:
  • The Lock, Deerfield, New Hampshire
  • Beaver Lake, New Hampshire, July 4, 1912
  • North East Harbor, Nova Scotia, 1909: four women
  • North East Harbor, Nova Scotia, a large house
  • Nortonville
Only one person in the album is definitively identified: Elsie Perry Sinnott age age 1 year and 5 months, dated August 10, 1913.  She was Frank and Cora's daughter.  Elsie would marry Albert Raymond Schofield.

Another photograph, shown on the page below at bottom and dated May 30, 1914, identifies three figures as Tyler, Marrinam and Curran.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Frank Lawrence Sinnott was born June 4, 1878 at Duxbury, Massachusetts, the son of Frank Melville Sinnott and Rebecca (Chandler) Sinnott.  On December 19, 1897 at Marshfield, Massachusetts, Frank married Cora Adella Perry, daughter of William Henry Pitman Perry and Joanna H. (Perry) Perry.  Cora was born at Shelburne, Nova Scotia, on May 14, 1877.

In addition to Elsie Perry Sinnott, born in 1912, Frank and Cora had five other children, three sons and two daughters, who may be depicted in the album.

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The photographs:  [click on an image to enlarge it]


  1. In addition to LC Perry Sinnott, Cora and Frank also had Lulu Rebecca Sinnott born 1898 died 1959, Lawrence Merrill Sinnott born 1899 died 1970, Norman WestLey Sinnott born 1901 died 1984, Frank Melville Sinnott who was a former police chief born 1906 And died 1980 and Arlene Elizabeth Sinnott who was born in 1918 and died 2006 and she was Arlene Garside as some may remember from the buses.