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Tufts College, Medford, Massachusetts: 1914 Booklet of Interesting Letters of Graduates of the Class of 1912

Booklet entitled Class Letters, Volume 1, published by Tufts College, now Tufts University, at Medford, Massachusetts, in May, 1914, containing letters from graduates of the Class of 1912 detailing their experiences since graduation two years earlier.

The booklet measures nearly 7-3/4" by 5-1/4" and contains the letters of 38 graduates.  There's a small amount of scribbling throughout, as you can see from the title page, below.  Images of all of the pages appear at the end of this post.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

Some of the letters are lengthy and fascinating.  Letter contributors:
  • "Kid" Abbott at Gasparilla Inn, Boca Grande, Florida; managing a hotel for the C. H. & N. Railway
  • Andy, who was working with the Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies at 31 Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts
  • H. I. Bicknell of 258 Front Street, Weymouth, Massachusetts; working at Burns, Fecht, Bicknell Co., 108 South Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Edith M. Vande Bogart of Bearsville, New York; then teaching at Brownville High School, Brownville, Maine
  • Robert H. Bogue of North Amherst, Massachusetts, teaching at Massachusetts Agricultural College, Department of Chemistry
  • Ferdinand Brigham of South Framingham, Massachusetts; a junior at Harvard Dental School
  • Courtney Bruerton of 96 Cedar Street, Malden, Massachusetts; studying Romance languages at Harvard Graduate School
  • Edwin P. Bugbee of 17 Stevens Avenue, Methuen, Massachusetts; studying at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, 697 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, to be a surgeon
  • Ralph L. Bugbee of 17 Stevens Avenue, Methuen, Massachusetts; then at 117 Park Avenue, Schenectady, New York, studying to be an electrical engineer while working for General Electric
  • Louis Haywood Carter of 61 Middle Street, East Weymouth, Massachusetts; employed at American Agricultural Chemical Company at the Bradley works at North Weymouth, Massachusetts
  • Beatrice Labaree Davis of 5 Negus Street, Webster, Massachusetts; recently completed a year at Worcester Domestic Science School
  • Dorothy Russell Entwistle of 56 Monument Street, West Medford, Massachusetts, working in the advertising department of Filene's
  • Harold L. Etheridge of 175 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, New York; working for New York Central Railroad
  • P. W. Fairbank of 164 Furman Street, Schenectady, New York; working for General Electric; recently married to Helen J. Moore of Sudbury, Massachusetts
  • Herbert V. Field of 21 Milton Street, West Somerville, Massachusetts; working at Eastern Steamship Corporation at India Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lena F. Fuller of Shirley, Massachusetts; teaching at Shirley, Massachusetts
  • M. B. Greenough at the Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland Ohio, in the Department of Civil Engineering
  • Allen G. Hooper of 112 Hegeman Street, Schenectady, New York; working at General Electric
  • I. W. Jackman of 166 Chestnut Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts; working at The Blake & Knowles Steam Pump Works in East Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Elaine Jones of 9 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts; attending Radcliffe College at Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Ernest A. Larrabee of Pleasant Street, Marlboro, Massachusetts; working at Lapointe Machine Tool Company at Hudson, Massachusetts; small farm owner
  • Edith R. Lenhart of Bedford, Massachusetts; then living at 26 Phillips Street, Watertown, Massachusetts and working at Hood Rubber Company at Watertown and expecting to enter Simmons College to pursue studies in library science
  • Imogene Hopkins Livermore of 25 Falmouth Street, Belmont, Massachusetts; currently working at Curtis Publishing Company.
  • Pearle E. Longley of Winchester, Massachusetts; then North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut where she was teaching at the Tourtellotte Memorial High School.
  • "Miggs" Mable at Nevada Douglas Copper Company in Ludwig, Nevada; chief chemist
  • Lloyd L. Mansfield of Boston, Massachusetts; currently working at New Haven Railroad at South Station, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Bill Maulsby of 15 John Street, New York, New York; working for the Dennison Manufacturing Company
  • Roland H. Page of 339 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts; currently working at South Station, Boston, Massachusetts for the Boston and Albany Railroad
  • "Rusty" Phalen of Acton, Massachusetts; then teaching mathematics at James Milliken University, Decatur, Illinois
  • Goldie Quennell of 235 Union Street, Schenectady, New York; working at General Electric
  • Ruth Day Redshaw of 60 Graves Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts; married to a Tufts man
  • Lillian C. Smith of Kensington, New Hampshire; teaching at East Kingston, New Hampshire
  • Mrs. Marion Green Snowman of 1 School Street, Lebanon, New Hampshire
  • Alice J. Spear of 32 Pierce Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts; then teaching at Dover, Massachusetts
  • Samuel Schwartz of R.F.D. 1, Wilmington, Massachusetts; then working for the Bureau of Lands at Manila, Philippine Islands
  • Ernest S. Swenson of 29 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, New York; teaching German at Polytechnic Preparatory School, 99 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, New York
  • Edith M. Vande Bogart of Bearsville, New York; then teaching at Brownville High School, Brownville, Maine
  • Charlotte J. Waterman; teaching primary school and living at Metcalf Hall at Tufts College
  • Edna Woodbury of 9 Howe Street, Somerville, Massachusetts; librarian at Somerville Library

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