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Memorial to Horace Almy Manchester, Rhode Island Native, in 1878 I.O.O.F. Proceedings of the Annual Right Worthy Encampment at Rhode Island

Memorial page for Horace Almy Manchester, included in the 1878 Proceedings of the Annual Session of the Right Worthy Grand Encampment of Rhode Island for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

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 The booklet, which consists of about 67 pages, contains many names and has 5 other memorial pages, in page order:  [Please take all dates and places with a grain of salt, in case the informant was mistaken]
  1. Thomas Rodman Gardiner, born March 28, 1840 at Lime Rock, Rhode Island; died May 10, 1877 at Providence, Rhode Island
  2. Nathan Porter, born March 28, 1817 at Salem, Massachusetts; died January 6, 1878 at Sacramento, California
  3. Francis Cusick, born August 7, 1822 in Omagh, County of Tyrone, in the North of Ireland; died January 21, 1878 at Providence, Rhode Island
  4. Horatio Lewis Holmes, born October 24, 1815 at Lexington, Massachusetts; died January 9, 1878 at Providence, Rhode Island
  5. Frederick D. Stuart, born July 12, 1814 at Brooklyn, New York; died January 25, 1878 at Washington, D.C.

Text of the memorial page dedicated to Horace Almy Manchester:

Horace A. Manchester 
Born at Tiverton Four Corners in 1812.
Exalted into Narragansett Encampment, No. 1,
July 3, 1846.
Installed as Chief Patriarch of said Encampment
July 21, 1848.
Admitted to the R. W. Grand Encampment of Rhode Island,
June 11, 1849.
Installed as M.W. Grand Patriarch of Rhode Island,
July 31, 1854.
Joined Parker Encampment, No. 3, Stockton, California,
February, 1871.
Died in Stockton, Cal., April 30, 1877,
Aged 65 Years

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Horace Almy Manchester was born at Tiverton Four Corners, Rhode Island, in 1812 [according to the memorial], the son of Captain James Manchester and Hannah (Almy) Manchester.  In 1830 at Providence, Rhode Island, Horace married Mary Young Atwell, daughter of Samuel Young Atwell and Lydia (Stillwell) Atwell.  Mary was born about 1822 in Rhode Island.  Horace Almy Manchester was a lawyer.

Horace and Mary had, I believe, three children
  1. Lydia Atwell Manchester, born about 1843 in Rhode Island
  2. Francis Lemoine Manchester, born about August 1847 at Providence, Rhode Island; married Ida; died September 7, 1906 at Brooklyn, New York
  3. Marion Gray Manchester, born about 1850 in Rhode Island; married George Wesley Baldwin at Manhattan, New York, on May 14, 1868
By the time of enumeration of the 1860 Federal Census, the family had moved to Niagara, New York.   Lydia was out of the household, for a reason unknown to me, but hopefully marriage, education or vocation.
By 1870, Horace was living at Stockton, California, perhaps at a boarding house, and working as a lawyer.

I'm not sure if Horace's family lived with him in California at some point or stayed in New York.  By 1880, Horace's widow Mary was living in New York and appears to have been running a boarding house.  Among the many people listed in her household were her mother Lydia (Stillwell) Atwell, Mary's son son Francis Lemoine Manchester and his wife Ida.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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