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c1870s Highway Surveyor's Book for District #4, Town of Milbridge, Maine

c1870s Highway Surveyor's Book for District #4, Town of Milbridge, Maine.  Sadly, this particular surveyor did not leave his name or provide a date.   The first page of text provides a partial year, 187, so presumably the book was filled out in the 1870s or 1880s.

The booklet was printed by David Bugbee and Company, Stationer, of Bangor, Maine.

The booklet contains several pages listing residents and non residents, as well as the tax assessed on each.   An alphabetical surname list and an alphabetical full name list appear at the end of this post, as does a set of images of the entire booklet.

Surnames in the Booklet

BBrackettKKelleySSawyer [3]
Bray [2]LLeighton [8]Shaw [2]
CCampbell [3]MMartinSmall [3]
ColesonMcColmStevens [2]
CraigMcDonald [2]Strout
EEvansNNasonTTreat [2]
Fickett [4]PinkhamWWallace [2]
GGay [2]Roberts [2]
HHinkley [2]

Names in the Booklet

  • Benjamin Brackett
  • John L. Bray
  • William Bray
  • Fletcher Campbell
  • Pat Campbell heirs
  • John Campbell
  • Warren Coleson
  • James C. Craig
  • W. A. Cummings
  • John Evans
  • P. S. Farnsworth heirs; possibly Peleg S. Farnsworth
  • Warren E. Fickett
  • Elias Fickett heirs
  • Moses Fickett, Non Resident
  • B. G. Fickett, Non Resident
  • Eldridge Friend, Non Resident
  • John M. Gay
  • Amos Gay
  • Nathan Hinkley, Non Resident
  • Albion Hinkey, Non Resident [crossed out]
  • E. L. Huson, Non Resident; possibly pump and block maker Edward L. Huson of Machiasport, Maine
  • George W. Kelley
  • Everett Leighton
  • David B. Leighton
  • James P. Leighton
  • Levi C. Leighton heirs
  • Lorenzo Leighton
  • Judson Leighton
  • Napoleon Leighton
  • James A. Leighton
  • Harry C. Martin
  • Isaac McColm
  • F. C. McDonald
  • F. H. McDonald, listed on a Resident page and a Non Resident page, but his name as a Non Resident is crossed out.
  • Ayer Moore and Company, Non Resident
  • John Nason
  • E. R. Perkins; possibly Elijah R. Perkins
  • Barnabas Pinkham, Non Resident
  • Luther Ray
  • S. J. Roberts; possibly Sylvester J. Roberts
  • Oscar Roberts
  • George S. Sawyer
  • W. R. Sawyer; possibly William R. Sawyer or Wellington R. Sawyer
  • Charles W. Sawyer
  • William Shaw
  • Charles Shaw heirs, Non Resident [crossed out]
  • Myrick R. Small
  • Stillman Small
  • Timothy Small
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Robert Stevens
  • Benjamin Strout
  • Joseph B. Swanton
  • Samuel L. Treat
  • Samuel Treat, Jr.
  • Isaac Tuttle
  • Charles E. Wallace heirs
  • Oscar Wallace
  • Mrs. Mary Wass
If you have information on any of the people mentioned in this booklet, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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