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1907 Postcard and Letter from George A. Briggs and wife Cora (Skillings) Briggs of Paris, Maine

January 1907 postcard, above, from Cora (Skillings) Briggs and March 1907 letter from her husband George A. Briggs at South Paris, Maine, both addressed to George's sister Naomi E. Briggs at Dry Mills, Maine.  Transcript and images farther below.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Naomi E. Briggs and her younger brother George A. Briggs were among the children of Samuel Briggs and Mehitable R. (Smith) Briggs of Paris, Maine.  Naomi was born August 29, 1832, and George was born May 13, 1852.  I don't believe Naomi ever married, but George Married Cora Skillings on April 22, 1876 at South Paris, Maine.

The postcard, above, with a postal marking of January 17, 1907, was written in a nice handwriting by Cora (Skillings) Briggs, presumably a day earlier, on January 16, 1907, the date of Solon Briggs' death, and contains mention of:
  • Solon's death [Solon Briggs, son of Simeon and Martha (Potter) Briggs.  Simeon Briggs was a brother to Samuel Briggs, father of George A. Briggs and Naomi E. Briggs.
  • Charlie Bowker
  • George's foot injury [George A. Briggs, Naomi's brother]
Dear Naomi.  Solon died this morning.  Funeral will be on Friday.  I told Charlie Bowker I would notify you people - though you won't probably come.  George will not be able to go because he cut his foot very badly - a week ago - and is perfectly helpless, so far - will be laid up a long time.  The foot was cut to the bone, right down through the instep.  The Dr. took 5 stitches in it.  He bled profusely, which was good for him.  He lies on the couch all the time and reads, etc. - but suffers a good deal of pain at time. The Dr. says the foot is doing well.  All send love, Cora.

The letter, above, penned by George A. Briggs on March 28, 1907, contains news of:
  • how George's injured foot is progressing
  • George's daughter Cassie's [presumably Catherine Gladden Briggs, born in 1879], who has found employment at Boston, Massachusetts
  • George's son Carl' who is taking, or teaching, a class in violin [Carl Skillings Briggs, born in 1886]
  • George's wife Cora's housework and music teaching job
  • Louisa's stay in Portland to lend support to Emma, who had lost her husband the week before.  Louisa was presumably George's sister-in-law, wife of his brother Samuel Fessenden Briggs
  • Aggie, who was not yet married yet [presumably Agnes Louise Briggs, daughter of George's older brother Samuel Fessenden Briggs and wife Louisa J. (Kane) Briggs.  Agnes, if I have this straight, was a widow in 1907, as her husband William Henry Penfold died in 1900.  She would marry William Prentiss Morton on February 12, 1908.]
So. Paris, March 28th [1907]

Dear folks, we recd. your letter all right, was sorry to hear you had been sick but now you are better it is all right.  Everybody almost has been sick this winter but Spring has come now and the robins are hear [here] and we will have some more fun now.  We are all well  here.  My foot has got well and don't trouble me any.  I get my accident money all right in a very few days I drive down to Oxford twice a week.  Cassie has gone to Boston work she likes well.  Carl has a large class on the Violin, School begins April 1st.  I shall not go this term.  Cora is doing her own house work and is teaching music.  They all work harder than I do but I am going to do more just as soon as the ground is bear [bare].  I am glad you are better.  Louisa is in Portland with Emma.  She has lost her husband.  He died last week.  Aggie is not married yet.  I told her what you said.  She said all right.  I will let her know.  Good bye, love to every body.
George A. Briggs.

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  1. I think possibly Solon Briggs is buried at the end of Resevoir rd in south paris maine with 3 other unmarked headstones.Small stonewall enclosure.

    1. Bart, thanks for adding this - might help someone happening upon this post.