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1870s/1880s Autograph Album of Miss Artemisia Sallie Chiles, "Artie", of Independence, Missouri

1870s/1880s autograph album of Miss Artemisia Sallie Chiles, "Artie", of Independence, Missouri.  She, or someone else, wrote her name on the second end paper.

The album measures approximately 8-1/4" by 7" and contains the sentiments of nearly 60 of Artie's relatives and friends from Missouri, Wisconsin and Ohio.  The album, published in Philadelphia by Porter & Coates, also contains 5 full page engravings, in addition to that on the title page below.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Artemisia Sallie Chiles was born January 20, 1857 in Missouri, the daughter of Samuel Irwin Chiles and Mary Elizabeth (Hamilton) Chiles.  Samuel was presumably the "Pa", who inscribed a page on March 15, 1876.

Artie had a younger sister, Itaska B. W. Chiles, "Tassie", who inscribed two pages in the album, one in 1882 and the other in 1886.  Click on an image to enlarge it.

About 1881, Artie married John Benjamin Atkinson, son of Dr. Malnor Treat Atkinson and his second wife Louise (Dyer) Atkinson.  Artie and John had at least two children, daughter Louise Elizabeth Atkinson, born about July 1882; and Itaska B. Atkinson, born about March 1885.  John Benjamin Atkinson died in 1931, and Artie died in 1941.  They're buried with family members at Mount Washington Cemetery at Independence, Missouri.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information provided above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Surnames in the Album

? [9]HHardinSS ? [2]
AA ?Harris [2]Sawyer [2]
BB ?KKaseySmarr
BryantMM ?Stout [1 or 2]
Buchanan [2]MadeiraTTodd ?
Buckner [3 or 4]MadisonTrigg
CChiles [3]McCoy [4]VVaughan
DDuke [2 or 3]PPendletonWW ?
FFox [2]RReidWheeler
GGrayWoodson [2]

Inscribers in the Album - given names within a surname might not be in alphabetical order.

  • Pell, inscribed on February 11, 1877
  • "The Giver"; might refer to the person who gave the album to Artie Chiles
  • "Hood", inscribed at St. C.[or N.C.] on October 20, 1881; If St. C., possibly inscribed at St. Charles, Missouri
  • Cousin Maggie, inscribed on November 14, 1875
  • ?; possibly another page signed by "The Giver"
  • Unsigned sentiment to Miss Artie
  • Rena, inscribed on January 10, 1876
  • Scrap of paper with an unsigned sentiment
  • Unsigned sentiment
  • J. B. A., inscribed at Kansas City, presumably Missouri, in February 1881
  • K. L. B., "Katie", inscribed on September 12, 1877
  • T. E. Bryant
  • Scottie M. Buchanan, inscribed on May 19, 1876; sounds as though Scottie and Artie will soon be parted.  Presumably Mary Scott Buchanan, who married Allen Lee McCoy, who may have been inscriber A. L. McCoy of Independence, Missouri.
  • Kate Buchanan, inscribed on August 28, 1879.  Perhaps Catherine Buchanan, sister of inscriber Mary Scott Buchanan, "Scottie"
  • M. Buckner, inscribed on November 2, 1876
  • Walker Buckner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who inscribed a page on October 4, 1880 in a child's hand; shared the page with E. B. Vaughan.  He also inscribed an individual page on the same date and a page shared with "Stangleton" [Stanley Singleton Strout, who combined his first and middle names into one nickname]
  • Walker, "your little friend", inscribed at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 8, 1880.  Presumably Walker Buckner, who inscribed other pages
  • Samuel O. Buckner, inscribed on Sunday, October 10, 1880 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Miss Artie Chiles of Independence, Missouri; album owner; she, or someone else, inscribed her name on the ownership page and surrounded it with a floral spray
  • Pa, inscribed on March 15, 1876, by, presumably, Artie's father, Samuel Irwin Chiles
  • W. G. Chiles of California; not sure of initials; possibly William Garnhart Chiles, son of Col. Joseph Ballinger Chiles, a brother to Artie's father, Samuel Irwin Chiles.  William G. Chiles lived in Napa County, California.  Presumably the same W. G. Chiles who inscribed another page in the album.
  • Itaska B. W. Chiles, Artie's sister, who inscribed consecutive pages, the first on June 25, 1882 as Tassie, and the second as Tassie Chiles on May 13, 1886 at Kansas City, Missouri.  Tassie would marry William T. Hearne, Jr. in 1896
  • Madge Duke, inscribed at Danville, Kentucky; not sure of surname or town
  • J. K. Duke of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Duke; possibly someone going by their surname, as other folks named Duke inscribed pages in the album
  • C. M. Fox, inscribed at Independence, Missouri on November 24, 1875; possibly the Charles M. Fox who inscribed another page.
  • Charles M. Fox, inscribed at Independence, Missouri, on September 19, 1876
  • L. F. Franklin, inscribed on November 10, 1875; possibly Lewis F. Franklin of Independence, Missouri
  • Ed Gray, inscribed on October 9, 1880 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • J. D. Griffith; name on a calling card tucked in the album
  • J. Henry P. Hardin, or F. Henry P. Hardin, or Henry P. Hardin, inscribed on June 27, 1880
  • ? R. Harris, inscribed on June 11, 1879; not sure of surname
  • Eugene Harris, inscribed at Independence, Missouri, on June 19, 1879
  • C. C. Kasey, inscribed on August 20, 1880
  • F. R. M., inscribed on May 20, 1877
  • Kemp G. Madeira, inscribed on Thanksgiving Eve in 1875
  • Fred Madison, inscribed on January 1, 1876
  • John A. McCoy of Chillicothe, Ohio, inscribed at Independence, Missouri, on December 1, 1878 [or 1888 - strikeover].  John Alexander McCoy, whose brothers Dr. Charles Danolds McCoy and Lewis Foulke also inscribed pages
  • C. D. McCoy; presumably Dr. Charles Danolds McCoy, brother of inscribers John Alexander McCoy of Chillicothe, Ohio and Lewis Foulke McCoy.
  • A. L. McCoy of Independence, Missouri; presumably Allen Lee McCoy, who married inscriber Mary Scott Buchanan, "Scottie".  Cousin of inscribers John Alexander McCoy, Dr. Charles Danolds McCoy and Lewis Foulke McCoy.
  • Lewis F. McCoy, inscribed on April 25, 1877.  Lewis Foulke McCoy, brother of inscribers John Alexander McCoy and Dr. Charles Danolds McCoy and cousin of inscriber Allen Lee McCoy.
  • Flemon Pendleton, presumably Fleming Pendleton; shared the page, dated August 10, 1879, with a name that appears to be Samuel Woodson, Jr.; possibly Samuel  Hughes Woodson, Jr. 
  • John H. Reid, inscribed on February 25, 1877 at Kansas City, presumably Missouri.
  • B. Roberts; middle initial possibly A or T or ?
  • W.B.S.
  • S.S.S, inscribed a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on September 24, 1880; not sure of initials.  Presumably Stanley Singleton Stout who inscribed two other pages
  • T. C. Sawyer, inscribed at Independence, Missouri, on December 26, 1875; possibly Thomas C. Sawyer
  • A. F. Sawyer, inscribed on December 6, 1875
  • John T. Smarr
  • Stanley Singleton Stout of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, inscribed on September 24, 1880; he also inscribed two other pages, one as "SSS" and one as "Stangleton Strout" on a page he shared with little Walker Buckner of Milwaukee
  • Samuel O. Todd, inscribed at Independence, Missouri, on October 27, 1876; not sure of surname
  • Bill K. Trigg
  • E. B. Vaughan; shared the page with Walker Buckner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who inscribed a page on October 4, 1880 - in a child's hand.
  • G. B. W.
  • R. H. Wheeler, inscribed at Independence, Missouri, on August 7, 1880
  • Susie Willis, inscribed on December 27, 1875; Artie's cousin
  • Robert E. Woodson, inscribed on October 22, 1876
  • Woodson; possibly Samuel Hughes Woodson, Jr.; shared the page with Flemon Pendleton; page dated August 10, 1879

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