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1920s Photo Album; some IDed Vermont People and Photo of Sebec Lake in Maine

Small photograph album, approximately 6" x 4-3/4", crumpled a bit, that was sold to me as pertaining to the Sebec Lake area in Maine.  

After research, however, I've determined that many, if not all, of the people in the album were from Vermont. Unless there's a Sebec Lake in Vermont, there must be a connection to Maine somewhere among these folks.

Some of the children were identified with first and last name, so that was a big help.  These children all turned out to be from Vermont.  As for the children identified only by their first name with a woman named Carrie who appeared to be their grandmother, it was a definite leg-up to have the first name of one of the siblings be Perkins.  Vermont again.

Identified or partially identified people in the album: 

  • Hellen B. Smith and Ray L. Smith
  • Siblings Perkins, Pauline, James and Thelma [Emery], with grandmother Carrie [Carrie (Jackson) Stearns]
  • Arthur & Alford
  • Siblings Alfred, Agnes, Avis and Angie Preble
  • Siblings Alpha, Faith and Neil Gibbs
  • Siblings Marion Parent and Bernard J. Parent
  • Reba & Marjorie - if these names sound familiar to you, please leave a comment

"Hellen B. Smith of Vt. and Ray L. Smith", children of Robert Cyrus Smith and Gertrude Belle (Harrington) Smith of Burlington, Vermont.  Hellene was born about 1903, and Ray about 1909.

The page below has a touching photograph of twins Perkins Stearns Emery and Pauline Nellie Emery with their maternal grandmother Carrie (Jackson) Stearns.  The twins, born 10 May 1916 at Westford, Vermont, were the children of William James Emery and Eunice (Stearns) Emery of Westford and Lyndonville, Vermont.  

This photograph shows twins Perkins Stearns Emery and Pauline Nellie Emery with their baby brother James William Emery, who was born 1 February 1919 at Westford, Vermont.

The page below shows photographs of James William Emery at age 2-1/2 and his younger sister Thelma at age 9 months.  Thelma Joyce Emery was born 9 September 1921 at Burlington, Vermont.

The photograph below shows Arther and Alford at Boston.

Below is a photograph of two sets of siblings from the Preble and Gibbs families.  The Preble siblings were Alfred Preble, Agnes Preble, Avis Preble and Angie Preble, shown in the 1920 Census of Waterbury, Vermont, with  their mother Ada Preble.   The Gibbs siblings were Alpha Gibbs, Faith Gibbs and Neil Gibbs, shown in the 1920 Census of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, with their parents William and Abbie Gibbs.

I wonder if a reader might recognize this rock, likely in Vermont or Maine.

Here's a page that contains a winter photograph of Sebec Lake, which appears to show the result of a log drive.

Two pages that contain photographs of horses (sorry, a weakness):

There are many other pages in the album of unidentified photographs.  Some are likely of people identified on another page; many are not.

Here's a page that contains one of my favorite photographs, showing people on an outing, perhaps to pick blueberries or milk the cows.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information on the identified people above, or insights into the album, especially if you can connect the album to Piscataquis County, Maine, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Sebec Lake

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