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West Point photo of uniformed Edwin McCormick, 1874

Photograph of West Point graduate Edwin McCormick (abt 1852-1925), with a presentation date of 21 October 1874.  The photograph was presented to T. F Walsh.  

From online research, hopefully correct - corrections requested:

Edwin McCormick was born about August 1852 in New York, the son of Edwin and Charlotte (Lyons) McCormick.  He was married twice and had children with both of his wives.  His first wife was Sophia Dennison, who was born about 1855 in New York.  

I found a source online that claimed that Sophia Dennison was Sophia A. Dennison, born 28 November 1854, the daughter of Stephen Parker Dennison, born at Machias, Maine 3 August 1824, and Keziah Turner, born in England on 10 February 1827.  

This Sophia's father Stephen was a whaler in Maine who moved his family to the Hudson River in New York, apparently before Sophia was born, if this is the correct family.  

And this Sophia, according to records in the Oakley Family Bible, was married to a James Wilson, about whom I know nothing, in 1873.  She and James were not married long, if this is our Sophia, as she died on 21 September 1892.

Edwin's children with Sophia:
  • Jessie McCormick, born about 1876 in New York
  • Stephen McCormick, born about 1880 in New York
  • Florence McCormick, born about 1890 in New York
It appears that Sophia died after the birth of Florence.  In 1893 Edwin married a Margaret Enright (1865-1931), a native of Canada.  

Children with Margaret:
  • Mary Frances McCormick, born about 1894 in New York
  • Francis Thomas McCormick, born about April 1896 in New York
  • Margaret McCormick, born about 1899 in New York
  • Edwin McCormick, born about 1902 in New York.
Edwin McCormick, from what I could gather, spent most, if not all, of his military life at West Point.  He died on 17 May 1925 and is buried in Highland Falls, New York.

If you have any corrections and/or information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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  1. I am the lady who put the Dennison info online. This comes from handwritten family records. Glad to correspond with Pam Beveridge about this family. Posted a message to her on facebook - have full info on Sophia's ancestry for her. Karin Schoonmaker Fullam

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Would it be possible for you to provide a link to your website with Dennison information that I could insert in this post for the benefit of future readers? The Maine (not to mention whaling) connection is of special interest!

  3. Pam - I have my genealogy information in a word-processing program saved on my computer. If you want to find my on Facebook and send me your e-mail address, I would be glad to send you the file via e-mail as an attachment. I have already corresponded with two Dennison/McCormick relatives, one of whom had given up ever finding info on Sophia. The records I have are from Bible records, and through her sister Ella Dennison, who was my great-grandmother. I had been unable, until yesterday, to find anything of Sophia's descendants. Now I know why - Phil Weiss, a descendant of Sophia's only child with her first husband James Wilson - Jessie Keziah Wilson - says Sophia and James were quickly divorced and thus she was able to remarry Edwin McCormick. Karin Schoonmaker Fullam

  4. I am the great grandson of Edwin McCormick, through his son Francis Thomas who married Irene B. Bartlett and had three children named Joseph, David, and Bert. My father is David Sr.

    According to our records Sophia's middle name was Arminta. Our records are she died Sept 23rd 1925.

    Edwin's second wife was Margaret Enright who died Oct 19th 1931. Her family was from Nova Scotia.

    There is some discrepancy over the info I was given by my father and the information here. He named Edwin and Margaret's children as Edwin, Francis, George and Florence. I will see if I can check that info and find a source.

    I want to thank you for placing this online, I would have never seen a photograph of my Great grandfather otherwise.

    David McCormick Jr.

    1. Thanks for writing, David. I can only imagine the thrill you got when you came across your great grandfather's image. Thanks also for the additional information about Margaret Enright. I'd be interested in learning the names of her parents and where in Nova Scotia she was born.