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1919 issue of Our Mission Work, Maine Children's Home Society

Our Mission Work, Devoted to the Interests of the Maine Children's Home Society.  "Whoso shall receive one such little child in My name receiveth Me"

Volume XX, No. 8, Augusta, Maine.  Price Per Year, 50 Cents, November, 1919.

Many names inside.  If you feel that one or more of your relatives might have worked with or contributed to this charity, check the listing below.  Some people are outside the State of Maine, but likely have a relationship to Maine.

Scans of the other pages follow the listing of names.

People involved in the organization:

Superintendent, W. C. Hawes, Augusta, Maine
State Board of Managers:
George E. Gay; Joseph E. Briggs; Mrs. C. S. Fogg; Dr. W. S. Thompson; Mrs. Mabel G. Bailey; Mrs. A. E.   Drummond; Miss Nellie Moore; A. W. Fowles; George L. Crosman; H. E. Coolidge; Alton C. Wheeler; Walter M. Sanborn; Herbert L. Emery; George E. Macomber; Arthur A. Heald; Rev. W. J. Layton; Rev. A. Francis Walch; Rev. E. S. Philbrook; Rev. Victor O. Anderson; Rev. William R. Wood; Rev. C. D. Boothby; Mrs. Lillian I. Swift; Alfred W. Hawkes

Officers of the Board:
Pres/ George E. Gay; 1st Vice Pres., George E. Macomber; 2nd Vice Pres., Dr. W. S. Thompson; Secy., Caroline S. Fogg; Treas., Joseph E. Briggs; Auditor, Mrs. Amie E. Drummond

Walter M. Sanborn

Executive Committee:
J. E. Briggs; Walter M. Sanborn; Miss Nelie Moore

Dr. W. S. Thompson; George E. Macomber; Joseph E. Briggs

State Superintendent:
W. C. Hawes, Augusta, Maine

District Superintendents:
Miss Gertrude E. Frye, Augusta, Maine
Miss M. Elizabeth Arnts, Augusta, Maine
Miss Grace R. Chapman, Augusta, Maine
Miss S. Louise Rounds, South Paris, Maine

Auburn: A. W. Fowles; Ira W. Fitz

Augusta: Guy P. Gannett (Special Case); Dr. L. D. Bristol; Irving B. Packard; Mrs. W. T. Allen; S. N. Tobey; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Waite; Mrs. O. R. Wellman; C. H. Ames; Mrs. F. R. Carter; Mrs. A. M. Chadwick; Miss Etta Bagley; Dr. F. E. Rowe; Mrs. Abbie M. Paulsen; A. H. Higgins
Baring: Edward Chase; C. G. Chase; W. L. Chase; H. H. Waters; Mrs. Elizabeth McGlauflin; Mrs. Sarah Redman; Mrs. Mary Phinney; Mrs. Thaxter Downs

Bernard: Mrs. W. Watson

Blue Hill: Mrs. Sadie L. Snowman

Boothbay Harbor: Mrs. W. S. Pierce

Boston, Massachusetts: Mrs. George S. Silsbee; Cornelius P. Hatch

Bowdoinham: W. H. Gould

Brookline, Massachusetts: Mrs. Susan B. Bartlett

Brooklyn, New York: Miss Julia Latimer

Brookton:  A. K. P. Dakin; L. O. Dudley; Mrs. Carrie A. Gibson; Mrs. Winghart

Brownville Junction: Mrs. J. H. Adair; Mrs. J. Humphreys, R. R. Johnson; Mrs. Kenneth McLeod; R. R. McClain & Son; Mrs. Walter McKenzie; Mrs. Everett W. Shaw; Mrs. T. Grimshaw; Mrs. P. M. Jones; Mrs. Frank Foley; Dr. D. L. Harden; Mrs. Wallace Tufts; Mrs. John Higgins; C. S. Davis; Mrs. A. E. McDougall; Charles L. Kinney; Mrs. L. A. Ryder; Mrs. C. A. Wood; C. E. Trafton; C. W. Basford; Mrs. A. A. Barker; A. Mersereau; Mrs. A. Mersereau; Mrs. H. L. Everett; Mrs. J. M. Harris; Mrs. H. . Wansink; Mrs. Byron Chase; Mrs. John Williams; Mrs. H. E. Rogers; Mrs. James Chapter; Mrs. Marion Farnham; Mrs. J. A. Ross; Mrs. G. E. Little; Mrs. Thomas Coburn; Mrs. Harry A. Graves; Mrs. W. C. Stickney; Mrs. J. A. Tye; Mrs. W. D. McKenzie; Mrs. J. K. McLeod; Mrs. James Beaton; Mrs. W. E. Browne; Mrs. M. L. Berry; Mrs. M. Reilly; Mrs. F. McCann; George P. Dickinson; Mrs. W. R. Howard; Mrs. Ellis A. Wilson; Mrs. B. S. Hodgman; Sara Prescott; Mrs. A. J. Lay; G. S. Allen; Mrs. Richard Jones; Mrs. J. H. Greenway; Mrs. P. F. Thombs; Louis Perri; Mrs. R A. Dubay; Mrs. C. H. Stiles; Mrs. H. Miller; Mrs. P. S. Grosvenor; Mrs. J. H. Elliott; Mrs. J. H. Greaney; Mrs. F. N. Haskell; Mrs. A. E. Griggs; Mrs. A. O. Wolff; Mrs. M. G. Tufts; Mrs. H. V. Harshaw; Mrs. D. E. Washburn; G. A. E. Howard

Brunswick: Mrs. W. H. Davis

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: J. Henry Longmaid

Camden: Mrs. Mertie B. Crowley; Mrs. W. C. Howe

Castine:  Dorothy T. Blake; Mrs. A. L. K. Volkman; William D. Hall; Ida J. Crawford; Mrs. Alfred Cope; Mrs. D. W. Rollins; Lucy P. Gray; A. F. Richardson; Mrs. A. F. Richardson; Hattie A. Wiggin; Beth M. Jellison [She may be the Maribeth Maria "Beth" Jellison whose graduation photo is featured here.]; Nellie F. Harvey; Mrs. E. E. Philbrook; Mrs. Fred Connor; Beatrice and Carrie Spurling; Mrs. Ardell Morgrage; Mrs. W. A. Ricker; Mary D. Devereux; Mrs. E. P. Johnson; Kate S. Russell; Ethel S. Noyes; W. A. Walker; Mrs. L. W. Coombs; Bessie S. Clark; Mrs. Edna C. Harquail; Mary B. Bills; Mrs. Myra A. Ferguson; C. E. McCluskey

Columbia Falls: C. F. Wilson; R. M. Allen; Mrs. Seth H. Allen; Mrs. J. P. Crandon; Bernice E. Allen [See Bernice's autograph book from the 1880s]; Mrs. W. E. Bailey; Mabel E. Hollis; Mrs. Frank H. Tabbutt; Maude Bucknam; F. G. Kirkpatrick; E. P. Donald

Damariscotta: Mrs. D. M. Jacobs

Dark Harbor: Mrs. D. H. Smith; Mrs. Clarence Nevells; Mrs. W. O. Hall; Mrs. C. R. Pendleton; Mrs. Mary G. McLeod; Mrs. W. E. Hatch; Mrs. Malcolm McLeod; Mrs. A. P. Gilkey; Mrs. F. W. Hatch; Mrs. F. A Lee; Mrs. L. F. Pendleton; Mrs. A. P. Hatch; Mrs. J. W. Pendleton; Mrs. Louise Ames; Mrs. John Fairfield; Mrs. E. D. Hatch; Emily Pendleton; 

East Blue Hill: Mrs. Fannie A. Long; Mrs. Laura E. Sheofe

East Milton, Massachusetts: Mrs. W. L. Rowell

Friendship: Mrs. Albion Wotton; Mrs. Ethel Davis; Mrs. G. S. Winchenpaw; O. C. Cook; M. E. Stanley; 

Hallowell: Effie M. Morse, R.N.

Hampden:  A. W. Braitwaite; Mrs. Frank Whitmore; Mrs. A. W. Emery; Rev. T. P. Humphrey; 

Jonesport: D. A. Wheeler

Lisbon Center: James Armstrong

Lisbon Falls: Hon. H. E. Coolidge

Mapleton: Marion Delano

Mars Hill: Mrs. Frank Jones

Maysville: Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Giberson; Charles E. Hussey; Mrs. L. A. Ramsdell; H. W. Kitchen; F. T. Keirstead; Mrs. M. B. Hayford; Mrs. W. R. Christie; Mrs. W. B. Long; Mrs. Ida Smith; C. Hayford; H. W. Keirstead; Fred L. Urquhart; Agnes I. Londo, R.N.; Mrs. Leland H. Clark; Mrs. A. . McPherson; Mrs. Emery Pyle; Mrs. Jane Keirstead; Mrs. L. A. Ramsdell

Monmouth: Fred E. Ames

Mount Desert Ferry:  Mrs. Laura A. Colby [No doubt related to some of the Colby family members who signed pages in the autograph book of Ora Spratt Jordan]

New York City: Mrs. T. W. Lamont

Alfred: William Anthony

North Islesboro: Mrs. E. L. Nash; Mrs. Elmer Pendleton; Mrs. Arthur Crosby

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Miss F. F. Caldwell

Pittsfield - E. E. Moon

Princeton: C. F. Eaton; I. F. Furbish; Mrs. C. A. Rolfe; Mrs. H. G. Robinson; C. E. Johnson; H. R. DePue; Mrs. F. A. Bates; Mrs. S. Jennie Smith; Jason Greenlaw; Mrs. Bessie Belmore; Mrs. J. C. Horsman; Mrs. James Swan; C. G. Elsmore; Mrs. W. E. Dodge; Morrison & Horsman; Mrs. Ruth Yates; Mrs. Charles Mercier; Mrs. Richard Lawler; Mrs. Guy Swan; Mrs. W. F. James; Miss Nellie M. Mercier; George B. McKechnie

Pripet: Mrs. Roy E. Webster; Mrs. M. R. Trim; M Veazie; Mrs. H. M. Coombs; Mrs. E. S. Preble

South Eliot: Mrs. Clara Beal

South Thomaston: Joshua Thorndike; Mrs. George Green; J. A. Lester; Mrs. Cleveland Sleeper; Mrs. U. G. Calderwood; Mrs. Samuel Holwood; Mrs. W. S. Clark; Mrs. A. V. Bradbury; Mrs. I. N. Morgan; Mrs. Rebecca Morgan

Sunset:  R. W. Knowlton

Topsfield: Mrs. P. G Getchell; Mrs. P. T. Pineo; Mrs. F. L. Houghton

Vinalhaven: F. Hermann

Waldoboro:  Mrs. Fannie Wyman

Waltham, Massachusetts: Manda L. Carter

Waverly, New York:  Miss Caroline Tuthill

Winthrop: E. A. Bailey, Wadsworth and Woodman; J. H. McIlroy; Mrs. W. J. Laughlin; Mrs. S. V. Winslow; Wilson Schwartz; Mrs. L. H. Millspaugh; George F. Wilson; Mrs. Fred Q. Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cummings; Dr. Taggart; Mrs. A. B. Adams; N. L. Hannaford; E. S. Norcross; L. E. Jones; Mrs. W. H. Davis; Mrs. . P. Whitney; G. V. Goding; Jennette Bailey; Miss Lillian Jones; Mrs. S. A. Hayward; Rev. Robert J. Keenan; E. P. Libby; Mrs. F. H. Badger; Mrs. E. D. Kimball; J. A. Foster; Mrs. Cora Parkman; Mrs. Lydia Moody; Dr. G. W. Bates; H. C. Miller; H. E. Foster; Miss H. A. Woodward; F. H. Horne; Mrs. E. W. Wentworth; Mrs. L. T. Carleton; Mrs. G. C. Parker; George W. Garland; D. H. Maxim Estate; Mrs. N. R. Caron; Mrs. Clara F. Stanton

Winthrop Center: Mrs. Hannah J. Bailey; Mrs. C. I. Bailey; Mrs. A. W. Bachelder; Mrs. F. A. Gilman; Mrs. E. A. Schwartz

Woodland [I checked a couple of the following people to see whether they lived in the "Woodland", actually Baileyville, in Washington County or in the town of Woodland in Aroostook County - these folks are from Baileyville in Washington County.]: Mrs. Harry P. Townsend; Mrs. Emery Taylor; Mrs. Harry S. Brown; Arnold Brown; Mrs. Harold Hill; Dr. B. P. Cook; Mrs. P. W. Davis; Mrs. A. B. Jenkins; Mrs. P. Talbot; W. H. Stewart; Mrs. T. J. Wahl; James H. Finley; Mrs. William Cox, Jr.; Mrs. J. W. McClure; A. L. Sylvester; B. A. Babcock; E. C. Hamilton; C. B. Chapman; Mrs. B. Pomeroy; N. Barker

Wytopitlock: George S. Inch; LaForest R. Bennett; G. Weatherbee; . H. Crowell; Mrs. N. C. Hillman; Mrs. F. F. McLaughlin; L. W. Dyer; H. A. Prouty; I. M. Wortman; Florence McKay; Mrs. D. E. Huff; S. W. Dyer; Fred Bubar; Frank Weir; H. E. McKay; J. A. McKinnon; James Crawford; Olyn Patchell; J. C. Patchell; Mrs. Greta Murphy; Mrs. J. A. McKinnon; Mrs. W. F. Reed; Mrs. Joseph Rosebud

Names of people who donated for October:

Mrs. Martha Bucknam; Mrs. George H. Eaton; Mrs. P. B. Day; Mrs. E. S. Small; C. B. Chapman; Mrs. Jennie Kneeland; Mrs. Robie Brown; Mrs. C. W. Grendell; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Kitchen; Mrs. John Horsman; Mrs. Amos Lay; Mrs. M. Spalding; Mrs. Maurice Snow; Mrs. A. W. Fowles; Dr. and Mrs. Biley; Mrs. Eliza Tibbetts; Mrs. Reginald Clement; Mrs. D. M. Jacobs; Mrs. E. D. Kimball; Mrs. Margie O'Neil; Mrs. E. S. Preble; Mrs. Fred M. Robins; Mr. Stinniford

Augusta: Dr. George A. Coombs, medical services for the month; Dr. S. J. Beach, examination of two children; Dr. E. J. Roberts, extracting and filling teeth for 2 children; Mrs. G. R. Goodridge, shoes, coat, skirt and dress; Mrs. W. B. Stebbins, 2 children's coats; Mrs. Chester A. Messer, sweater, caps, mittens and shoes; Joseph Wight, new suit for one of our boys

Brownville Junction: Mrs. J. M. Harris, 2 caps, scarf, 2 union suits; A. J. Lay, 4 caps

East Winthrop: Mrs. M. E. Kilbreth, 1 girl's coat

Garland: Mrs. D. H. Robinson, 3 prs hand-knit mittens

Maysville: Mrs. H. W. Kitchen, 1 pr shoes

Mexico: Mrs. John Foley, 2 prs mittens, cap

Sargentville: Mrs. W. H. Simmons, 3 little dresses

Sidney: Mrs. Elizabeth Frye, knitting 2 prs mittens

Southwest Harbor: Mrs. E. S. Thurston, 3 small puffs

Wilton: Mrs. L. F. Adams, nice coat and cap, 1 shirt

Winthrop: Mrs. R. L. Wellman, 2 hats, 2 caps, hair ribbons; Mrs. H. B. Maxfield, 1 pr shoes; Mrs. Cora Parkman, underwear, 2 waists, 1 skirt

Wytopitlock: Mrs. Clarence Inch, clothing

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