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1939 program Winter Carnival & School Meet, Ashland, Maine

Program of Events, Fifteenth Annual Winter Carnival and School Meet, February 16-17, 1939, Ashland, Maine. Price of Program Ten Cents.  Northern Aroostook Carnival Association.

15th Annual Winter Carnival, Oldest in the County, Ashland, Maine
Officers for 1939:
President: Linwood Seeley
Vice President: Lewis Dorman
Secretary: Kate C. Pelkey
Treasurer: Lester Harriman
Clerk: John McGowan

Advisory Board:
Rev. Robert Haldane
Rose Tilley
Clarence Keegan
Fern Snowman
Betty Smith
Earl A. McKeen
George Weaver
Perley Gardner
Mildred Covell
Phyllis Jones

Thursday, February 16, 1939
The Northern Aroostook Carnival takes pleasure in presenting the following double feature program of movies and screen attractions
"The Strange Case of Dr. Meade", starring Jack Holt, Beverly Roberts, Noah Beery
Latest News Events of the Day
Technicolor Comedy "Midnight Frolics"
"The Little Adventuress"
Heart Warming Comedy - Gay Romance, starring
Edith Fellows, Jacqueline Wells, Cliff Edwards and Richard Fiske

Friday Evening, February 17
Opera House
Coronation Program
Orchestra Selection, High School Orchestra
A Pageant, "Midwinter Eve at the Court of the Frost King"
Prologue, Reader, Julia Daggett
Episode 1.  Arrival of Queen's Retinue
                  Crowning of Queen
Episode 2.  The Queen's Festival
                   Dance of the Snow Princess
                   Queen's Attendants

                   Song "Sail Along Silvery Moon"
                   Joan Snowman
                   Mildred Beaulieu
                   Malcolm Pelkey
                   Robert Haldane, Jr.

                   Parade of Frost King's Soldiers
                   Charles Reed
                   Carlton Morin
                   Phyllis Reed
                   Darrell Page

Song "Winter Wonderland"
                   Anita Malone
                   Helen Jean Junkins

Dutch Revue
                   Bobby Walker
                   Teddy Spencer
                    Ervin Wilson

Song "For Wintry Weather"
                    Bernice Morrison
                    Joyce Pike
                    Mary Ann Wright

Minstrel Days
                    Nathan Orr             

Coronation Program

Moon Beam Dance
              Helen Brooks                          Gloria Palmer
              Jean MacQuarrie                     Arlene Pike
              Ralph Baxter                           Carlton McLean
              Robert Orr                              Clifford Cunningham

Orchestra Selection, High School Orchestra

Awarding of Prizes, President of Carnival Association, Linwood Seeley
Crown Bearer, Helen Brooks
Scepter Bearer, Gloria Palmer
Train Bearers, Esther McAlpine, Florence Clayton
Pages, Dean Winslow, Donald Tilley
King's Courtiers, Sam McLean, Philip Cheney
King's Herald, Roland Bartlett

Orchestra: Kenneth Young, Vernon Young, Marion Dorman, Marjorie Dorman, Lucille Carter, Frances Orr

Friday Evening, February 17, the Grand Informal Carnival Dance, held in the "Starlight Ballroom" at The Ashland Grange Hall.  Music by Lewie Boy and His Swingsters

Dance Committee: Ervin Rafford, Don Gray, George Weaver
Decorating Committee: Clarence Keegan, Mildred Covell, Phyllis Jones

Many pages of ads throughout:

Ad: L. M. Page, Ashland agent for Corenco.  Consolidated Rendering Co., Presque Isle, Maine.

Ads: Snowman's Super Service; Stuart's House, Ashland; the Lions Club of Ashland

Ads: George's Service Station, George B. Coffin, Prop., Ashland; American Realty Co, Northern Division, R. H. Phillips, Supt., Ashland, Maine; Maine Public Service

Ads: M. Chasse, Men's Furnishings and Ladies' Wear, Sheridan and Ashland, Maine; Parkhurst & Turner, Growers and Shippers of Certified Seed Potatoes, Ashland, Maine; Lovely's Restaurant, Ashland, Maine; S. C. Cheney, Registered Lubrication, Good Gulf Gas and Oil, Massey-Harris Farm Machiney, Ashland, Maine

Ads: Ashland Pharmacy; Dr. A. B. Hagerthy, Ashland; Louise D. Sawyer Ashland; Ashland Cafe, John J. Bushey, Prop.

Ads: Hazen N. Belyea, Ashland; Ray Stevens General Store, Portage, Maine; C. F. Coffin, Insurance; Henry A. Smith, Masardis, Maine; H. E. Coffin General Store, Portage, Maine; Harry Young, Ashland, Maine; Joe Wolf, Columbia Pictures Corp; Eddie Despres Barber Shop, Ashland, Maine

Ads: Brooks Brothers, Ashland, Maine; P. H. Thomas, Masardis, Maine; F. R. Sylvester, Milk, Cream and Seed Potatoes, Ashland, Maine; Ashland Opera House; E. G. Hews, Specialty Certified Seed Potatoes, Ashland, Maine; A Friend, Ashland, Maine; L. B. Harriman, Superintendent of Schools, Ashland, Maine; Carl L. Hews, Mortician, Ashland, Maine

Ads: L. M. Seeley, Attorney at Law, Ashland, Maine; F. F. Page & Son, Seed Potatoes a Specialty, Ashland, Maine; Linwood A. Winslow, Ashland, Maine; Donald Flewelling, Masardis, Maine; Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Seeley, General Store, Ashland, Maine; Ashland Supply Co., Hardware, Sporting Goods, Gasoline, Ashland, Maine.
Contestants for Carnival Queen: Inez Phillips; Mary Leigh Sylvester; Eileen Malone; Nina Snow; Lillian Robinson

Ads: Michaud's New Market, Ashland, Maine; N. W. Downing & Son Company, Building Materials, Presque Isle, Maine; Compliments of Brewer, Hayward, McGowan, Ashland, Maine

Ad: International Potato Producing Fertilizers, Local Dealers, Brooks Bros., Ashland, Maine; F. F. Page, Ashland, Maine

Ads: Ashland Trust Company; The American Agricultural Chemical Company, Agrico, sold by Brooks Brothers, Ashland, Maine

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